Australia Day 2019

Australia Day 2019 

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Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated every year on 26 January, it denotes the anniversary of the 1788 entry of the First Fleet of British boats at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip. In present-day Australia, festivities mirror the different society and scene of the country and are set apart by network and family occasions, reflections on Australian history, official network grants and citizenship functions inviting new individuals from the Australian people group. Australia Day Pictures

The importance and hugeness of Australia Day has developed after some time. Informally, or generally, the date has likewise been differently named “Anniversary Day”, “Establishment Day” and “ANA Day”. The date of 26 January 1788 denoted the declaration of British power over the eastern seaboard of Australia (at that point known as New Holland).Although it was not known as Australia Day until over a century later, records of festivities on 26 January go back to 1808, with the principal official festival of the arrangement of New South Wales held in 1818.

On New Year’s Day 1901, the British settlements of Australia shaped a federation, denoting the introduction of present day Australia. A national day of solidarity and festivity was searched for. It was not until 1935 that every Australian state and domains received utilization of the expression “Australia Day” to check the date, and not until 1994 that the date was reliably set apart by an open holiday on that day by all states and regions.

In contemporary Australia, the holiday is set apart by the introduction of the Australian of the Year Awards on Australia Day Eve, declaration of the Australia Day Honours list and addresses from the Governor-General and the Prime Minister. It is an official public holiday in every state and region. With people group celebrations, shows and citizenship functions, the day is praised in expansive and little networks and urban areas around the country. Australia Day has turned into the greatest yearly city occasion in Australia.


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Some Indigenous Australian events are currently included. In any case, since in any event 1938, the date of Australia Day has additionally been set apart by Indigenous Australians, and those thoughtful to their motivation, grieving what they see as the intrusion of their property by Europeans and challenging its festival as a national holiday. These gatherings here and there allude to 26 January as Invasion Day or Survival Day and advocate that the date ought to be changed,or that the holiday ought to be annulled entirely.


However, bolster for changing the date among the Australian populace is low, with a 2017 survey led for The Guardian finding just 26% of the complete populace underpins changing the date.The same survey found that most Indigenous Australians need a date and name change of Australia Day, with just 23% saying they felt positive about Australia Day.

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Australia Day History & Background

Arrival of the First Fleet

On 13 May 1787 an armada of 11 ships, which came to be known as the First Fleet, was sent by the British Admiralty from England to New Holland. Under the order of Captain Arthur Phillip, the armada looked to set up a penal colony at Botany Bay on the drift of New South Wales, which had been investigated and claimed by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770. The settlement was viewed as essential in light of the loss of the Thirteen Colonies in North America.The Fleet landed somewhere in the range of 18 and 20 January 1788, yet it was quickly clear that Botany Bay was unsatisfactory.


On 21 January, Phillip and a couple of officers voyaged to Port Jackson, 12 kilometers (7.5 mi) toward the north, to check whether it would be a superior area for a settlement. They remained there until 23 January; Phillip named the site of their landing Sydney Cove, after the Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend, first Viscount Sydney. They likewise reached the neighborhood Aboriginal individuals.

They came back to Botany Bay on the night of 23 January, when Phillip offered requests to move the armada to Sydney Cove the following morning, 24 January. That day, there was a gigantic hurricane blowing, making it difficult to leave Botany Bay, so they chose to hold up till the following day, 25 January. Be that as it may, amid 24 January, they recognized the ships Astrolabe and Boussole, flying the French banner, at the passage to Botany Bay; they were having as much inconvenience getting into the narrows as the First Fleet was having getting out.


On 25 January the hurricane was all the while blowing; the armada attempted to leave Botany Bay, yet only HMS Supply made it out, conveying Arthur Phillip, Philip Gidley King, a few marines and around 40 convicts; they moored in Sydney Cove toward the evening. On 26 January, promptly in the first part of the day, Phillip alongside a couple of dozen marines, officers and rowers, paddled aground and claimed the land in the name of King George III. The rest of the ship’s organization and the convicts viewed from on board Supply.

In the mean time, back at Botany Bay, Captain John Hunter of HMS Sirius made contact with the French boats, and he and the leader, Captain de Clonard, traded welcome. Clonard exhorted Hunter that the armada authority was Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse. Sirius successfully cleared Botany Bay, however alternate boats were in extraordinary difficulty. Charlotte was blown perilously near rocks; Friendship and Prince of Wales became snared, the two boats losing blasts or sails; Charlotte and the Friendship actually impacted; and Lady Penrhyn nearly steered into the rocks. Regardless of these challenges, all the rest of the boats at long last figured out how to clear Botany Bay and sail to Sydney Cove on 26 January. The last ship moored there at about 3 pm.



The formal foundation of the Colony of New South Wales did not happen on 26 January as is usually accepted. It didn’t happen until 7 February 1788, when the formal declaration of the province and of Arthur Phillip’s governorship were perused out. The vesting of all land in the ruling monarch King George III also dates from 7 February 1788.

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First fifty years: 1788 to 1838

Despite the fact that there was no official acknowledgment of the province’s anniversary, with the New South Wales Almanacks of 1806 and 1808 putting no extraordinary centrality on 26 January, by 1808 the date was being utilized by the state’s settlers, particularly the emancipated convicts, to “praise their affection for the land they lived in” with “drinking and merriment”.The 1808 festivals pursued this example, starting at nightfall on 25 January and enduring into the night, the main toast of the event being Major George Johnston. Johnston had the pleasure of being the principal officer shorewards from the First Fleet, having been conveyed from the arrival watercraft on the back of convict James Ruse. In spite of enduring the evil impacts of a tumble from his gig in transit home to Annandale, Johnston drove the officers of the New South Wales Corps in capturing Governor William Bligh on the next day, 26 January 1808, in what ended up known as the “Rum Rebellion”.



In 1817 The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser reported on one of these informal social affairs at the home of Isaac Nichols:

On Monday the 27th ult. a supper party met at the place of Mr. Isaac Nichols, to celebrate the Anniversary of the Institution of this Colony under Governor Philip, which occurred on 26 Jan. 1788, yet this year chancing upon a Sunday, the remembrance supper was saved for the day following. The gathering amassed were select, and around 40 in number. At 5 toward the evening supper was on the table, and a progressively pleasing excitement couldn’t have been foreseen. After supper various steadfast toasts were drank, and various bubbly tunes given; and around 10 the organization separated, all around satisfied with the joys that the gathering had managed.

1818 was the 30th anniversary of the establishing of the province, and Governor Lachlan Macquarie chose to recognize the day with the main authority celebration. The Governor proclaimed that the day would be a holiday for all administration specialists, conceding each an additional recompense of “one pound [c. 450g] of new meat”, and requested a 30-weapon salute at Dawes Point – one for every year that the province had existed. This started a convention that was held by the Governors that were to pursue.


Establishment Day, as it was known at the time, kept on being authoritatively celebrated in New South Wales, and in doing as such ended up associated with wearing events.One of these turned into a convention that is as yet proceeded with today: in 1837 the primary running of what might turn into the Australia Day regatta was held on Sydney Harbour.Five races were held for various classes of pontoons, from five star cruising vessels to watermen’s skiffs, and individuals saw the merriments from both coastal and from the decks of water crafts on the harbor, including the steamboat Australian and the Francis Freeling—the last steering into the rocks amid the merriments and being refloated the following day.


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Happy with the achievement of the regatta, the coordinators made plans to make in a yearly event. However, a portion of the festivals had picked up a demeanor of elitism, with the “Joined Australians” supper being constrained to those conceived in Australia.In portraying the supper, the Sydney Heraldjustified the choice, saying:

The gatherings who related themselves under the title of “Joined Australians” have been scolded for embracing a guideline of selectiveness. It isn’t reasonable so to blame them. On the off chance that they welcomed wanderers to go along with them they would offer offense to another class of people – while on the off chance that they welcomed all they would be liable to the nearness of people with whom they probably won’t wish to relate. That was a valid justification. The “Australians” had an ideal to eat together on the off chance that they wished it, and nobody has a privilege to grumble.


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The next year, 1838, was the 50th anniversary of the establishing of the state, and as a component of the festivals Australia’s first open holiday was proclaimed. The regatta was held for a second time, and individuals swarmed the foreshores to see the occasions, or joined the five steamers (Maitland, Experiment, Australia, Rapid, and the smaller than usual steamer Firefly) to see the procedures from the water. At midday 50 firearms were let go from Dawes’ Battery as the Royal Standard was raised, and at night rockets and different firecrackers lit the sky.The supper was a littler issue than the earlier year, with just 40 in participation contrasted with the 160 from 1837, and the anniversary in general was portrayed as a “day for everybody”.

Centenary celebration: 1839 to 1935

Preceding 1888, 26 January was especially a New South Wales issue, as every one of the states had their own celebrations for their establishing. In Tasmania, Regatta Day occurred at first in December to stamp the anniversary of the arrival of Abel Tasman.South Australia celebrated Proclamation Day on 28 December. Western Australia had their own Foundation Day (now Western Australia Day) on 1 June.

In 1888, every single pilgrim capital except Adelaide celebrated “Anniversary Day”. In 1910, South Australia received 26 January as “Organization Day”.

In 1915 a council to observe Australia Day was shaped, and the date picked was 30 July, on which many gathering pledges endeavors were rushed to help the war effort. It was additionally held in July in ensuing long periods of World War I: on 28 July 1916,27 July 1917, and 26 July 1918.

Victoria adopted 26 January as Australia Day in 1931, and by 1935, all conditions of Australia were praising 26 January as Australia Day (despite the fact that it was as yet known as Anniversary Day in New South Wales).The name “Establishment Day” persevered in neighborhood use.


The 150th anniversary of British settlement in Australia in 1938 was broadly celebrated.Preparations started in 1936 with the arrangement of a Celebrations Council.In that year, New South Wales was the main state to desert the customary long end of the week, and the yearly Anniversary Day open holiday was hung on the genuine anniversary day – Wednesday 26 January. The Commonwealth and state governments consented to bring together the festivals on 26 January as “Australia Day” in 1946, although people in general holiday was rather gone up against the Monday nearest to the real anniversary.

Contemporary celebrations

Since 1988, investment in Australia Day has expanded, and in 1994 all states and regions started to praise a brought together open holiday on the real day for the first time. Research led in 2007 detailed that 27.6% of Australians surveyed went to a composed Australia Day occasion and a further 25.6% celebrated with family and friends. This mirrored the consequences of a prior research venture where 66% of respondents foreseen that they would effectively observe Australia Day 2005.

Outside shows, network grills, sports rivalries, celebrations and firecrackers are a portion of the numerous occasions held in networks crosswise over Australia. These official occasions are displayed by the National Australia Day Council, an official chamber or board in each state and region, and neighborhood advisory groups.

In Sydney, the harbor is a concentration and watercraft races are held, for example, a ship race and the tall boats race. In Adelaide, the key festivals are “Australia Day in the City” which is a motorcade, show and firecrackers show held in Elder park and the conventional International Cricket coordinate played at the Adelaide Oval. Including the People’s March and the Voyages Concert, Melbourne’s events focus unequivocally on the festival of multiculturalism. Despite a drop in participation in 2010, yet with crowds still evaluated at 400,000, the Perth Skyworksis the biggest single occasion displayed every Australia Day.

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Citizenship ceremonies are additionally generally held, with Australia Day now the biggest event for the obtaining of Australian citizenship. On 26 January 2011, in excess of 300 citizenship functions occurred and around 13,000 individuals from 143 nations took Australian citizenship. In ongoing years numerous citizenship services have included an affirmation by existing nationals. Research directed in 2007 announced that 78.6% of respondents felt that citizenship services were an imperative component of the day.

The official Australia Day Ambassador Program bolsters festivities in networks the country over by encouraging the investment of high-accomplishing Australians in nearby network festivities. In 2011, 385 diplomats took an interest in 384 nearby network celebrations.The Order of Australia awards are additionally a component of the day. The Australia Day Achievement Medallion is granted to subjects by neighborhood governments dependent on perfection in both government and non-government associations. The Governor-General and Prime Minister both address the country. On the eve of Australia Day every year, the Prime Minister reports the victor of the Australian of the Year award, introduced to an Australian native who has appeared “noteworthy commitment to the Australian people group and country” and is a “persuasive good example for the Australian community”.


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Subcategories of the honor include Young Australian of the Year and Senior Australian of the Year, and a honor for Australia’s Local Hero.

Different music celebrations are hung on Australia Day, for example, the Big Day Out and the Australia Day Live Concert which is broadcast nationally. For a long time an international cricket coordinate has been hung on Australia Day at the Adelaide Oval. These matches have included both Test matches and One Day Internationals.

Research in 2009 demonstrated that Australians ponder history and future reasonably similarly on Australia Day. Of those surveyed, 43% concurred that history is the most vital thing to consider on Australia Day and 41% said they look towards “our future”, while 13% idea it was vital to “consider the present as of now” and 3% were unsure. Despite the date mirroring the entry of the First Fleet, contemporary festivals are not especially verifiable in their subject. There are no substantial scale re-authorizations and the national head’s cooperation is centered to a great extent around occasions, for example, the Australian of the Year Awards declaration and Citizenship Ceremonies.


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Potentially mirroring a move in Australians’ comprehension of the place of Indigenous Australians in their national identity, Newspoll research in November 2009 revealed that 90% of Australians surveyed trusted “it was vital to perceive Australia’s indigenous individuals and culture” as a feature of Australia Day festivities. A comparable extent (89%) concurred that “it is vital to perceive the social assorted variety of the nation”. Despite the solid participation at Australia Day occasions and a positive aura towards the acknowledgment of Indigenous Australians, the date of the festivals remains a wellspring of test and national dialog.

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Australia Day Controversy & Issues:

A few Australians see Australia Day as an image of the antagonistic effects of British settlement on Australia’s Indigenous peoples. The festivities in 1938 were joined by an Aboriginal Day of Mourning. A vast social occasion of Aboriginal individuals in Sydney in 1988 drove an “Attack Day” recognition denoting the loss of Indigenous culture.Some Indigenous figures and others keep on naming Australia Day as “Intrusion Day”, and challenges happen consistently, some of the time at Australia Day events.Thousands of individuals take an interest in dissent walks in capital refers to on Invasion Day/Australia Day; gauges for the 2018 dissent in Melbourne run into many thousands.

The anniversary is additionally named by some as “Survival Day” and set apart by occasions, for example, the Survival Day show, first held in Sydney in 1992, commending the way that the Indigenous individuals and culture have made due regardless of colonization and discrimination. In 2016, National Indigenous Television chose the name “Survival Day” as its favored decision on the premise that it recognizes the blended idea of the day, saying that the expression “perceives the intrusion”, yet does not enable that to outline the whole story of the Aboriginal individuals.


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Accordingly, official festivals have endeavored to incorporate Indigenous individuals, holding functions, for example, the Woggan-mama gule service, held in Sydney, which praises the past and commends the present.

In August 2017 the committee of the City of Yarra, a locale of Melbourne, settled collectively that it would never again allude to 26 January as Australia Day and would stop to hold citizenship functions on that day; an occasion recognizing Aboriginal culture and history was to be held instead.The City of Darebin later stuck to this same pattern. The central government promptly denied the committees of their forces to hold citizenship ceremonies. Byron Shire Council became the third gathering to have its capacity to have citizenship services stripped.

On 13 January 2019, prime minister Scott Morrison announced that, with impact from Australia Day 2020, every single nearby chamber would be required to hold citizenship functions on and just on 26 January and 17 September; there would likewise be a clothing regulation, prohibiting thongs and board shorts.

Australia Day Movie:

Australia Day Movie is considered to be one of the best australia day movie world  which people like to watch especially on this day. Most of the audience living in Australia use to watch this Australia day movie online to make their celebration better. this Australia Day Movie review and critics are mixed from audience. People used to spend their most of the time with their family and friends and this Australia Day movie can be a source of entertainment for them.

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Bryan brown is one of the main character of the movie. In this movie australia day movie bryan brown is the leading role.

Australia Day Movie Review 2019

Australia Day is a grueling travel through the streets of Brisbane and underground national prejudices, but it will have a great deal of heart and also features several excellent performances.


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Australia Day FireWorks:

After the Parade, 40,000 individuals combine in Elder Park, Adelaide to watch the Australia Day Concert. Beginning with a Welcome to Country given by individuals from the Kaurna Community. Following the Welcome to Country is an execution of the National Anthem, a Flag-raising Ceremony and a 21 Gun Salute. The Australia Day Concert highlights Australian specialists with past entertainers including Jimmy Barnes, Human Nature, Lee Kernaghan, Kate Cebrano, Ricki-Lee, Vanessa Amorosi, Stan Walker, Wess Carr, Kisschasy, The Pottbellez, Carl Risely, James Morrison, Timomatic, Sarah De Bono, Brothers3, Sneaky Sound System, Samantha Jade, Masketta Fall, David Campbell, Mahalia Barnes, Christine Anu and Emma Pask

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At night, everyone’s eyes swing to the excellent River Torrens as the fabulous firecrackers light up the night sky.

On the grass before the Adelaide Casino, Intercontinental Hotel and Adelaide Convention Center

The Australia Day Fireworks are given by Foti Fireworks who have broad overall involvement in Pyrotechnics including Sydney New Years Eve, Perth Skyworks, the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy and some more.

Australia Day Fireworks

Australia Day Fireworks

The Australia Day Fireworks are gladly displayed by Aus Gold Mining

Struth, there’s a great deal going on in Perth this week. With green and gold being the shades of decision, it surely is an Australian festival – and it’s a major one as well, highlighting an enormous firecrackers show along the Swan River.

So in case regardless you’re scratching your head figuring “where will I be on Australia Day?” we realize a couple of beaut puts in Perth where you won’t be the just a single enclosed by an Aussie hail. Indeed, you’d stand out like a sore thumb in the event that you weren’t.


Australia Day Melbourne Events & Celebrations

Ahhh, Australia Day. A divine being sent open occasion where we commend our incredible country by for the most part being raucous and overlooking all duties. Furthermore, it’s absolutely adequate (and perhaps somewhat energized). This is Melbourne however individuals, and we have (a bit) of class, even on Aus Day. There’s additionally a huge amount of occasions on to enable you to celebrate in style—with the obligatory obstacle in bread, obviously. There are many Australia Day Melbourne events and Australia Day Melbourne Activities which they celebrate.

Here is a cluster of activities this Australia Day, so dust off your southern cross shirt and get breaking.


Australia Day Melbourne

Australia Day Melbourne

Club Aperol At The Australian Open

In case you’re going to the Australian Open this Australia Day, making an appearance at Club Aperol is an absolute necessity. It might shout Italian vibes and send you ideal off to the Mediterranean in one taste, however hello—you can’t generally say no to bean packs, chic outside seats and the ideal Insta pic.

Where: Rod Laver Arena

At the point when: 10 am


Yoga In The Park

We as a whole recognize what a long end of the week in Melbourne implies—drinking, eating, drinking, eating…you get the bore. Fortunate for you, there’s an amazing yoga class occurring on Aus Day, so you can eat your third appetizer platter for the end of the week and not feel regretful. It’s compensation as you feel as well, so you can spare some additional coin for another coffee martini.

Where: Edinburgh Gardens

Whenever: 10am


Kudditji The Master Of Color

Go to the Laneway Arts Space and look at the stunning presentation by Kudditji. He’s an Aboriginal craftsman and has been named a standout amongst the most vital within recent memory. It’s open pleasant and early, so there’s a lot of time to absorb some culture before bev o’clock.

Where: 148 Barkly St, St Kilda

Whenever: 10am


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Australia Day News:

Networks crosswise over NSW are being urged to gather as one on Australia Day 2019 to praise the significance of assorted variety and for everybody to share their very own one of a kind story of being Australian.

Australia Day Council of NSW Creative Director John Foreman said the subject for the occasion on January 26 one year from now is Everyone, each story.

“In Australia, we as a whole have a story. From our sources far and wide or as First Australians, to the future we would like to fabricate. The opportunities we hold, the networks we assemble and the interests we appreciate – they are our Australian stories,” Mr Foreman said.

“Regardless of where we originate from, we are for the most part here together. Australia Day is an incredible chance to meet up to express your story and find another person’s as well. These diverse stories are woven together to shape our extraordinary home, Australia.”

Here are a portion of the narratives we need to share:

Australia Day News

Australia Day News

For resigned NRL player, mind malignancy mindfulness campaigner and 2019 NSW Australian of the Year chosen one Mark Hughes, being Australian is about not surrendering, assisting and contributing to help when things are down.

“Since shaping the Mark Hughes Foundation I have seen direct the battling soul of Australians experiencing Brain malignancy. I see individuals with the help of family and companions battling appropriate to the plain end,” Mr Hughes said.

“In like manner I see the enormity in Australians. Such a significant number of giving individuals needing to encourage our motivation. To do whatever they can to enable us to discover answers to this ailment.”

Media identity and Australia Day Ambassador of 21 years Susie Elelman AM said being Australian means the world to her.

Australia Day News

Australia Day News

“My folks and oldest sibling came to Australia as displaced people in 1950 from war-torn Europe. Father was Polish and a holocaust survivor and Mum was covered alive and oblivious for three months when a bomb hit her home in Germany,” she said.

“Australia gave them a place of refuge and another life. My other sibling and I were brought into the world here and I’m exceptionally thankful there are such a significant number of brilliant open doors accessible to enable each Aussie to succeed.”

Sixteen-year-old researcher and innovator Angelina Arora, who built up a degradable bioplastic produced using prawn shells, says the consistent help, support and the affection showered upon her by individual Aussies entireties up what it is to be Australian.

“With my creation they haven’t seen my age as an obstruction or my sex as a deterrent yet have commended my accomplishments with a merry boisterous voice,” said Angelina, who was a 2019 NSW Young Australian of the Year chosen one.

“It is the regular soul of having a place, mindful and sharing is the thing that makes this nation of our own truly outstanding on the planet. This urges me to do much more for this lovely nation of our own.”

Twenty-year-old skateboarding champion and 2019 Australia Day Ambassador Amar Hadid says being Australian methods joining numerous social foundations.

Australia Day News

Australia Day Holiday

Numerous Australians consider January 26 with national pride, flying the Australian banner from organizations, homes, autos and even their children. They go to celebrations, firecrackers, network and donning occasions or assemble for family grills at homes, parks or on the shoreline.

Be that as it may, there is likewise a developing development of individuals who feel the occasion must change date or subject by virtue of the horrible effect of colonization on indigenous individuals – who called Australia home for a huge number of years before European pilgrims arrived about 230 years prior.

People in general occasion of Australia Day dependably happens on 26 January regardless of what day of the week it happens. Numerous individuals move toward becoming subjects of Australia on Australia Day at Citizenship Ceremonies the country over. It is likewise the day that the Australian Government grants the Order of Australia to chose Australians, which is ‘an Australian culture of respect for concurring acknowledgment to Australian nationals and different people for accomplishment or commendable administration’.

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The beginnings of colonized Australia

As a country, Australia had an excruciating begin. Under British principle it was at first proposed as a reformatory province. The decision classes in eighteenth century England viewed culprits as unequipped for recovery. Their technique for decry was to isolate convicts from the overall public.

In October 1786, Arthur Phillip was designated commander of the HMS Sirius, and appointed to transport British convicts to the mainland. His central goal was to set up a farming work camp. Skipper Phillip instructed an armada of 11 ships and 1,500 travelers, including 700 detainees. Following a 8-month venture, they achieved Sydney Cove.

It was 26 January 1788 when the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove. Somewhere in the range of 18 and 20 January 18 and 20, the First Fleet of 11 ships cruised into Botany Bay to set up a punitive province there yet the inlet turned out to be unsatisfactory. Skipper Phillip took a group north and named the region on the south shore of Port Jackson as Sydney Cove. The formal foundation of the settlement happened two weeks after the fact on 7 February.

Related image

The main province got off to a rough start as the dirt was poor and the pioneers didn’t realize how to cultivate. The settlement was very nearly starvation for quite a while. Nonetheless, under the capable administration of Captain Phillip, the general population drove forward. By 1792, when he came back to England, the station was succeeding. In 1818, 26 January was announced a lawful occasion, denoting the 30th commemoration of the British settlement in Australia.

Throughout the following 80 years, the populace relentlessly expanded, and five extra self-administering provinces were made. On January 1, 1901, each of the six settlements joined to frame the Commonwealth of Australia.


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Australia Day Flags:

Australia day flag is an open door for people, network associations, neighborhood experts, organizations and schools to celebrate proudly the commemoration of the Australian National Flag.

Australian National Flag Day, broadcasted in 1996 as a national day, praises the first run through the banner was flown on 3 September 1901. On that day Prime Minister Edmund Barton reported the victors of an opposition to plan a banner for Australia. A huge banner, 5.5 meters by 11 meters, was flown over the vault of the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Around then the banner was known as the Commonwealth blue ensign; later, the banner wound up known as the Australian National Flag.

All Australians are urged to fly or show the Australian National Flag to observe Australian National Flag Day on 3 September every year.

Australia Day Flags

Australia Day Flags

The states of Australia combined to wind up a solitary Commonwealth in 1901. That year, Australia’s first Prime Minister, the Right Honorable Sir Edmund Barton reported a universal rivalry to structure a banner for the new country. It pulled in 32,823 sections. Five close indistinguishable passages were granted equivalent first and the fashioners shared the £200 prize.

The Australian National Flag was flown without precedent for September 1901 at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne, the seat of the central government at the time.

The Australian National Flag can be flown each day of the year. As the country’s chief image, the banner ought to be utilized with deference and respect.

Some flag tips

  • The Australian flag should always be raised first and lowered last when displayed with other flags.
  • The flag must not be allowed to fall or lie on the ground.
  • The flag must be illuminated if it is flown at night.
  • The flag should be hung so the Union Jack is always in the uppermost left corner.
  • The flag should never be flown in a damaged, faded, or dilapidated condition.
  • The flag should be raised no earlier than first light and lowered no later than dusk.
  • The flag should not be flown upside down, even as a signal of distress.



Australia Day Festival:


Australia Day festival for the Greater Dandenong people group with nearby inhabitants expected to appreciate the celebration with family, neighbors and companions.

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Australia Day displays an incredible open door for individuals of various foundations and encounters to assemble and think about being Australian, and to praise the things we share for all intents and purpose. The celebration expects to likewise teach and make mindfulness about Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, history and culture for our multicultural network.

This all-ages occasion will initiate with a Welcome to Country and a Smoking Ceremony by a Wurundjeri Elder, trailed by a Flag Raising Ceremony and Australia Day Awards on the primary stage.

This free family neighborly occasion will include two phases with live diversion, meandering entertainers, a devoted sustenance court, network and market slows down, energizing rides ($2-$6), free family exercises, and will close with a terrific firecrackers finale at 9.25pm.

For additional fun, ride your bicycle to the Australia Day Festival and get two free ride tokens and exploit the free valet bicycle stopping.

Area: Dandenong Park, Pultney Street, Dandenong

This occasion is smoke and liquor free.


Australia Day Festival

Australia Day Festival

The national day on 26 January observes Australia’s assorted variety and accomplishments. Delightful Sydney Harbor becomes the overwhelming focus on Australia Day, starting at Barangaroo Reserve with the WugulOra Morning Ceremony, a conventional Aboriginal smoking service and an exceptional Indigenous move.

Nearby older folks and in addition Aboriginal artists and vocalists will greet in Australia Day at the uncommon function at Walumil Lawns at Barangaroo Reserve and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, somewhere in the range of 7:45am and 8:30am, to feature the quality and versatility of the world’s most established living society.

Native artists performing at the WugulOra Morning Ceremony, Australia Day

Amid the execution, the national song of praise will be sung in English and the Aboriginal dialect Dharawal. At that point the Aboriginal and Australian banners will raised over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the biggest steel curve connect on the planet.

Other energetic harbor occasions incorporate the notorious Ferrython, tall boats and the Australia Day Harbor Parade flotilla of every kind imaginable circling the shining blue conduit. An awesome line-up of melodic stars will stun in the Australia Day Concert at the Sydney Opera House.


Australia Day Food:

Australia Day Food: The land Down Under is home to a lot of heavenly sweet and exquisite toll, however here are 10 famous sustenances we can really commend this Australia Day.

1. Lamington

The lamington is unquestionably one of Australia’s eatable national images; there’s even a National Lamington Day on July

When you nibble into the square-molded wipe cake covered in chocolate icing and dried up coconut, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why it is so well known.

In some cases it even comes in two parts with a layer of stick and cream in the center, making it the ideal backup to an evening tea or espresso.

The lamington was developed over a century back and named after Queensland’s senator at the time, Lord Lamington.

Precisely who whipped together the principal formula is still begging to be proven wrong, with both Toowoomba and Ipswich professing to be the lamington’s origin.


Custom made lamingtons

Australia Day lamingtons

Lamingtons CWA

Australia Day Food

Australia Day Food

2. Meat pie

Meat pie

Photograph: Meat pies are popular to the point that there’s even been an Official Great Aussie Pie Competition since 1989. (Provided: Dan Lepard)

They’re a staple at donning occasions and parties and the reason for some a consumed tongue — the modest meat pie is the exemplification of Australian sustenance.

The meat pie hit our shores in the meantime as the First Fleet, and by 1891 George Sargent was monetarily creating them in Sydney.

Today meat pies are popular to the point that Australians eat a normal of 12 every year — that is 270 million pies (as indicated by Food Standards Australia).

And keeping in mind that there’s a lot of gourmet assortments now available, it is difficult to go past the old-school flaky cake containing diced or minced meat with sauce.


Best meat pie ever

Australian meat pie

Great pie cakes

Australia Day Food

Australia Day Food

3. Vegemite

Vegemite on toast

Photograph: A container of Vegemite was the main item to be electronically examined at an Australian general store in 1984. (Flickr: Janeen)

Adore it or loathe it, following 90 years Vegemite is as yet an Australian breakfast staple.

Spread on toast, bread or wafers, or even added to meals or layered in gooey parchments, the dark, salty glue beyond any doubt is adaptable.

Scientific expert Cyril Callister made the nutrient B spread from brewer’s yeast in 1922 for the Fred Walker Company and called it Pure Vegetable Extract.

A national rivalry saw it named Vegemite and it hit the racks in October 1923.

In any case, Marmite still overwhelmed the market and poor deals saw Vegemite’s name changed to Parwill in 1928.

The change was a flounder and a change back to Vegemite saw the spread at last take off 14 years after the fact.

In 1939 the British Medical Association supported Vegemite for its wellbeing properties, and amid World War II Australia’s military arranged so much Vegemite that proportioning was forced at home to take care of demand for the troops.

The Happy Little Vegemites jingle hit radio wireless transmissions in 1954 and reverberates with numerous Australians right up ’til the present time, to such an extent we purchase in excess of 22 million containers of the spread each year.


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Australia Day Queensland


Australia Day QueensLand: All around Australia, families will before long be praising everything that makes this nation extraordinary – from our indigenous legacy and early spearheading days, directly through to our advanced examples of overcoming adversity. Why not participate in the festivals at one of these family well disposed Australia Day Queensland occasions.

Australia Day Queensland

Australia Day Queensland


So much more than just a golf course, Victoria Park will be celebrating Australia Day with fun activities including tug-a-war, sack races, a jumping castle, giant outdoor games, a kids’ playground and great food and drink offers. Victoria Park’s fun 18 hole putt putt course and driving range will also be open all day. Kids will also receive free Aussie stickers and soft serve ice-cream thanks to Maleny Dairies. The Victoria Park Bistro will be serving an Australian menu, including wood-fired pizzas.

Victoria Park Bar and Bistro is located at 308 Herston Rd, Herston.

Australia Day Queensland

Australia Day Queensland


This year for Australia Day, you can jump on the G:link (Gold Coast Light Rail) and head down to the Broadwater in the cool of the afternoon. Pack your picnic rug for an evening of spectacular fireworks – the only ones on the Gold Coast! You will also want to bring your appetite so you can indulge in the huge food truck feast or grab a snag from the barbeque. There will be the JJ Richards “Aussie Sports Zone” for the kids and some music from local artists along the pier.

Broadwater Parklands is located at Marine Parade, Southport.

Australia Day Queensland

Australia Day Queensland


The Australia Day program at Highfields Pioneer Village begins with Aboriginal art talks at 9.00am, cow milking at 9:30am, and much more. There are over 60 buildings of historic interest to wander through filled with collectibles and memorabilia of a time when life was much simpler in Australia. Youngsters will love the baby animal nursery, whip cracking school, sheep-shearing demonstrations and family games. There will also be an Indigenous art show and an Aboriginal dance workshop by Don Nikkelson. Local vendors will sell their goods and chattels at the Village Markets and Trevor Dodds, Cactoblastis and John Colville will entertain the crowds. Billy tea and damper is available onsite and there will be plenty of Aussie tucker including vegemite sandwiches, meat pies and steak sandwiches.

Highfields Pioneer Village is located at 73 Wirraglen Road, Highfields.


Australia Day Name change:

Australia Day Name Change: Most Australians feel emphatically about Australia Day yet most Indigenous Australians feel that it commends intrusion and ought to be changed to another date with an alternate name.

That is the finding of a McNair yellowSquares national survey of 1,156 individuals directed only for Guardian Australia.

Respondents were inquired as to whether they felt extremely positive, to some degree positive, uninterested, fairly negative, exceptionally negative or in the event that they had blended emotions about Australia Day, which honors the landing of the First Fleet in what is currently Sydney on 26 January 1788.

The survey found that the greater part (68%) felt constructive about Australia Day, 19% aloof and 7% had blended emotions about the occasion while 6% of individuals felt negative about Australia Day.


Image result for australia day name change

More established individuals (beyond 60 years old) were bound to feel constructive about Australia Day (79%) while more youthful individuals (matured 18 to 39) were marginally more negative (61%) and bound to be uninterested about Australia Day (22%).

In any case, among Aboriginal Australians and individuals from the Torres Strait Islands, not exactly a quarter (23%) felt positive about Australia Day and 31% felt negative about it. A further 30% said they had blended emotions about Australia Day.

At the point when members were welcome to connect three words with Australia Day, Australians surveyed picked grill, festivity and occasion. In any case, for Indigenous Australians, the three most picked words were intrusion, survival and murder.

Image result for australia day name change

Gotten some information about whether the date of Australia Day should change, 54% of Indigenous Australians surveyed were agreeable to a change contrasted and an aggregate of 15% of aggregate Australians surveyed.

While those brought into the world abroad were somewhat less inclined to need to change the date (13%), the offspring of settlers were marginally bound to need a change (19%) than the aggregate. Over the states, Western Australians were no doubt (20%) to help a difference in date and South Australians were most improbable (9%) to help a difference in date.

Toward the end of last year Fremantle gathering in Western Australia called it quits on its intends to change its citizenship services – customarily hung on Australia Day – to an alternate, more “socially comprehensive” date after weight from the government.


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Australia Day Road Closures


Key roads around Circular Quay and The Rocks will close from the morning and in the evening to cater thousands of people attending various Australia Day events in the city and around the harbour. Roads will also close in Milsons Point for events in Bradfield Park. Here you can find Australia Day Road Closures Perth

Key road closures include:

  • 4:00 AM to midnight — George St from Essex St to Hickson Rd (George St between Hickson Rd and Lower Fort St will remain closed until 10:00 PM Sunday 27 January for the regular Rocks Markets trading)
  • 7:00 AM to midnight — Hickson Rd from George St to Pottinger St
  • 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM — Olympic Drive and Burton St in Milsons Point and Kirribilli
  • 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM — Hickson Rd from Napoleon St to Towns Place
  • 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM — Hickson Rd from Towns Place to Pottinger St
  • 3:00 PM to midnight — roads north of Bridge St including sections of Pitt St, Loftus St, Young St and Phillip St
  • 7:30 PM TO 10:30 PM — Sydney Harbour Bridge lane 4, Cahill Expressway lanes 7 and 8 and the Circular Quay overpass
  • 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM — sections of Broughton St, Kirribilli Ave and Pitt St in Milsons Point/Kirribilli
  • 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM — Macquarie St north of Bent St and various roads north of Hunter St


Special event clearway street parking restrictions will be in place around Circular Quay and The Rocks from 3:00 AM with additional clearways in place throughout the city from 1:00 PM until midnight. In Milsons Point, special event clearways will be in effect from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM on sections of Broughton St and Olympic Dr.

Clearways are strict no-parking zones, even for local residents or RMS Mobility Scheme Permit holders. Vehicles left in clearways will be towed and a fee applies.


Deliveries in Swanston Street and Collins Street will be permitted until 8.30am.




Australia Day Pictures:

Australia day Pictures: Find the perfect Australia Day stock photos and editorial news pictures from here. Download premium images you can’t get anywhere else. Download stunning free images about Australia Day. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required.Here I have compiled top free Australia day Pictures to make you feel like a true patriotic Australian on Australia Day


Australia Day Pictures

Australia Day Pictures


Australia Day Pictures

Australia Day Pictures


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Australia Day Pictures

Australia Day Pictures


Australia Day Pictures

Australia Day Pictures


Australia Day Pictures

Australia Day Pictures



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Australia Day Protest:

Australia Day Protest: A large number of individuals have assembled crosswise over Australia to walk the avenues on a vacation dissidents have labelled as “Attack Day”.

Challenges were held over every one of the capitals with Sydney and Melbourne pulling in probably the biggest groups. Happy Australia Day Songs

The roads of Redfern were changed by an ocean of red, dark and yellow banners with thousands assembling in Sydney to walk for Indigenous rights.

Sydney Organizer Ken Canning, from Fighting In Resistance Equally, said he trusted the Invasion Day rally would attract consideration regarding Indigenous passings in authority and was appreciative for the help of non-Aboriginal Australians.

Australia Day Protest

Australia Day Protest

Protesters gather for an Invasion Day Rally in Redfern on January 26, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

“The idea here is to engage the general public because our political spectrum around the country, except for maybe the Greens party … ignore the calls of Aboriginal people,” he told AAP ahead of the march.

Scores of police escorted the march through closed-off streets as onlookers and tourists stopped to film the event. Australia day Quiz

“Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land” was chanted by the crowd, with Aboriginal flags flying high and not an Australian flag in sight.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge was adamant the campaign to change it would be successful, despite Indigenous Affairs minister Nigel Scullion recently saying Indigenous people had not raised the issue with him.

“Aboriginal people that I meet with – in Redfern, Moree, Tamworth, around this state – say January 26 is deeply disrespectful,” Mr Shoebridge told AAP.

Several thousands accumulated to walk in real urban communities crosswise over Australia on Friday to challenge at a national occasion that recognizes the entry of the main British pioneers in 1788.

Numerous individuals feel that Australia Day is impolite to the nation’s indigenous individuals, as it additionally denotes the beginning of Britain’s persecution of the individuals who had been living on the landmass for somewhere around 65,000 years past to the entry of the British First Fleet.


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Australia Day National Anthem

Australia Day National Anthem: All Australians are encouraged to sing the Australian National Anthem as it invokes a feeling of national pride and spirit.

To assist with your event planning there are protocols for use of the Australian National Anthem. Australia Speech

Below are a few helpful tips:

  • The Commonwealth owns copyright in the words of the Australian National Anthem as proclaimed. It also holds copyright to particular arrangements of music of the Australian National Anthem, which are available for download from
  • As copyright proprietor, the Commonwealth makes the Australian National Anthem uninhibitedly accessible for use inside the network for non-business purposes.
  • While authorization isn’t required to utilize, perform or record the Australian National Anthem for non-business purposes, there is a necessity to look for consent for business utilization of the song of devotion. The words and music are in people in general space.

Australia Day National Anthem

Australia Day National Anthem

The two authorised verses of the Australian National Anthem, as proclaimed in 1984, are:

Australians all let us rejoice, 
For we are young and free; 
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; 
Our home is girt by sea; 
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts; 
Of beauty rich and rare; 
In history’s page, let every stage 
Advance Australia Fair 
In joyful strains then let us sing, 
Advance Australia Fair

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
We’ll toil with hearts and hands,
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands,
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share,
With courage let us all combine
To advance Australia fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia fair.


Australia Day Events:

Australia Day event Ideas: The most critical day of any enthusiastic Aussie’s logbook year has arrived… Australia Day! In case you’re searching for Australia Day party thoughts or Australia Day sustenance thoughts, look no further. Here is your manual for setting up a definitive Australia Day party. The pleasure is all mine.


First of all… If you’re hosting the gathering at home, you should have a decent clean yard for the majority of your companions to respect. On the off chance that cutting the lawn in 35 degree January warm isn’t your concept of fun, why not contract another person to deal with it by means of Airtasker?

The banner

No Australia Day party is finished without a huge energetic, plastic Aussie signal (made in China, obviously). Look at your neighborhood shabby shop for a deal.


 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Austraian Signal Garden Foter


The pool toys

In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to approach a pool or the shoreline on Australia Day, inflatable pool toys are an absolute necessity! Simply recollect that at the shoreline the current can without much of a stretch range you away, so don’t paddle excessively far out on your inflatable crocodile.

bright life-infant inflatable-swan-pool-toy-663113


No pool for inflatable toys? Never fear, you can in any case have a wonderful time with a monster kangaroo as your mascot for the day! Go for a green and gold example for additional Aussie brownie focuses.

The ‘look’ (improve yourself)

Staples for Aussie Day clothing are:

• Aussie signal face tattoos (or go the additional mile and paint your whole face).

• Thongs, a.k.a. pluggers (a twofold plugger style is ideal). Visitors without suitable footwear ought to be declined section.

 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas


• A chesty Bonds singlet and stubbies combo with a wide overflowed cap will place you in the running for the best dressed honor. Worthy substitutes are swimming outfits, boardies, or anything that is authentic Wallabies stock.

• Green and gold zinc (slip, slop, slap!).


Australia Day Indigenous:

Some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians have blended sentiments about praising this day – some think of it as multi day of grieving, and others utilize the day to stamp the survival of their progressing customs and societies.

It’s vital that these perspectives are regarded and that by and large we have valuable discussions about this history and look for approaches to push ahead together as a country.

Our national day gives a chance to recognize and find out about our country’s past. It’s an opportunity to think about and find out about our national adventure including the progressing history, conventions and societies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

australia day indigenous

australia day indigenous

Head administrator Scott Morrison needs to make another national day to perceive Indigenous Australians, with an end goal to avoid the developing calls for Australia Day to be moved from January 26.

In the wake of repudiating Byron Shire Council’s entitlement to hold citizenship functions after the NSW gathering wanted to move its Australia Day festivities daily forward, Mr Morrison is currently gliding the possibility of a different day to perceive the accomplishments of Indigenous Australians.


Australia Day Book

Australia Day is a gathering of stories by presentation creator Melanie Cheng. The general population she expounds on are youthful, old, rich, poor, wedded, bereaved, Chinese, Lebanese, Christian, Muslim. What they share for all intents and purpose—regardless of where they originate from—is the longing we as a whole offer to feel that we have a place. The narratives investigate general topics of affection, misfortune, family and character, while in the meantime making significant inquiries about the likelihood of human association in a globalized world.

Melanie Cheng is a critical new voice, offering a new point of view on contemporary Australia. Her easy, simple authenticity adjusts an insider’s affectability and comprehension with a pariah’s unmistakable peered toward objectivity, demonstrating to us an adaptation of ourselves more extravagant and more multifaceted than anything we’ve seen previously.


Australia Day Book

Australia Day Book


Composed over a time of nine years, Australia Day is a book of short stories by Melanie Cheng. It was the champ of the Award for an Unpublished Manuscript at the Victorian Premier’s Prize in 2016. Alongside Maxine Beneba Clarke, Omar Sakr, Lachlan Brown, Michelle Cahill and Alice Pung, Cheng is a piece of a rising flood of socially differing essayists worried about the possibility of Australia itself. Cheng herself has gleams Australia Day as a gathering about ‘chance experience, family, multiculturalism, character.’

The gathering is book ended by two stories set on Australia Day, the first being the main one, and the last, ‘A Good and Pleasant Thing’. The two stories center around outsider characters, Stanley and Mrs Chan, who have moved to Melbourne from Hong Kong. They are at various phases of their lives: Stanley is starting his voyage into adulthood as a restorative understudy; Mrs Chan is the maturing widow of a group of experts. In the two stories, Cheng considers misfortune and association, connections and having a place, strangeness and home.

‘Australia Day’ pursues Stanley as he heads to the family homestead of a potential love intrigue, Jessica Cook, a good ‘ol fashioned, white, nation Australian whose exceptionally name motions to the country’s frontier past. There are little subtleties that portray a well-known scene: a milkcan for a letterbox, the landing dinner of fish dish. The supper table discussion is overwhelmed by Jessica’s dad Neville, a reddish, substantial drinking, sexist, homophobic dairy agriculturist.

Australia Day Long Weekend 2019

Australia Day Long Weekend: Numerous Australians consider January 26 with national pride, flying the Australian banner from organizations, homes, vehicles and even their infants. They go to celebrations, firecrackers, network and brandishing occasions or accumulate for family grills at homes, parks or on the shoreline.

Be that as it may, there is likewise a developing development of individuals who feel the occasion must change date or subject by virtue of the horrendous effect of colonization on indigenous individuals – who called Australia home for a huge number of years before European pilgrims arrived almost 230 years back.

General society occasion of Australia Day dependably happens on 26 January regardless of what day of the week it happens. Numerous individuals move toward becoming nationals of Australia on Australia Day at Citizenship Ceremonies the country over. It is likewise the day that the Australian Government grants the Order of Australia to chose Australians, which is ‘an Australian culture of respect for concurring acknowledgment to Australian residents and different people for accomplishment or worthy administration’.

Australia Day Long Weekend 2019

Australia Day Long Weekend 2019

The beginnings of colonized Australia

As a country, Australia had an agonizing begin. Under British principle it was at first expected as a reformatory province. The decision classes in eighteenth century England viewed hoodlums as unequipped for restoration. Their strategy for upbraid was to isolate convicts from the all inclusive community.

In October 1786, Arthur Phillip was named commander of the HMS Sirius, and doled out to transport British convicts to the landmass. His main goal was to set up a horticultural work camp. Commander Phillip told an armada of 11 ships and 1,500 travelers, including 700 detainees. Following a 8-month venture, they achieved Sydney Cove.

Australia Day Long Weekend 2019

Australia Day Long Weekend 2019

It was 26 January 1788 when the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove. Somewhere in the range of 18 and 20 January 18 and 20, the First Fleet of 11 ships cruised into Botany Bay to set up a reformatory state there however the straight turned out to be unsatisfactory. Chief Phillip took a group north and named the zone on the south shore of Port Jackson as Sydney Cove. The formal foundation of the province happened two weeks after the fact on 7 February. Australia day Nail art

The primary state got off to a rough start as the dirt was poor and the pilgrims didn’t realize how to cultivate. The settlement was very nearly starvation for quite a while. In any case, under the capable initiative of Captain Phillip, the general population endured. By 1792, when he came back to England, the station was succeeding. In 1818, 26 January was announced a lawful occasion, denoting the 30th commemoration of the British settlement in Australia.

Throughout the following 80 years, the populace consistently expanded, and five extra self-overseeing states were made. On January 1, 1901, every one of the six settlements joined to shape the Commonwealth of Australia.


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Australia Day Jokes

1) How many Australian men does it take to change a light bulb?
None. It’s a woman’s job.

2) What is the difference between an Australian wedding and an Australian funeral?
One less drunk at the funeral

3) A Kiwi and an Aussie are fishing one afternoon and have a couple of cold beers. After a while the Aussie says to the Kiwi, “If I was to sneak over to your house and made wild passionate love to your wife while you were at work, and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us related?” The Kiwi after a great deal of thought, says, “I don’t know about related, but it sure would make us even.”


Australia Day Jokes

Australia Day Jokes

4) If it takes an IQ of 60 to tie shoelaces, why do so many Australians wear thongs?

5) What is the difference between yoghurt and Australia?
Yoghurt has some culture.

6) An Australian man and his wife are sitting in the living room. Bruce says: “Just so you know, Shirl, I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.”

7) What should you do if an Aussie throws a grenade at you?
Pull the pin and throw it back.

8) How many Aussies does it take to make chocolate chip cookies?
Ten. One to make the batter, and nine to peel the M&Ms.

9) Two Aussies are adrift in a lifeboat. While going through the locker one of them finds an old lamp. He rubs it and a genie suddenly appears. The genie tells them that he only grants one wish. The lamp finder blurts out: “Turn the entire ocean into Fosters!” The genie claps his hands and immediately the sea turns into beer. The genie disappears and only the gentle lapping of beer on the hull breaks the stillness as the two men consider their circumstances. The second Aussie turns to the first and says, “Nice going mate! Now we’re going to have to pee in the boat.”

And here’s one for the Aussies:

10) Bruce the Aussie builder was going through a house he had just built for the woman who owned it. She was telling him what colour to paint each room. They went into the first room and she said “I want this room to be painted a light blue.”

The builder went to the front door and yelled, “GREEN SIDE UP!”  When he went back into the house, she told him that the next room was to be bright red. The builder went to the front door and yelled “GREEN SIDE UP!”

 When he came back, the woman said “I keep telling you colours, but you go out the front and yell ‘green side up’ – what is that for?” The builder said, “Don’t worry about that, I’ve just got a couple of Kiwis laying the turf out front.”

The most politically correct joke ever!
In today’s day and age you can’t poke fun at a particular ethnicity or minority, so here we deal with all of them!
An Aboriginal, a Pom, an overweight Yank, a NZ Maori, a Kiwi, a Tasmanian disabled person, an elderly person from Latvia, a Swedish blonde, a German, an Italian, a drunk Irishman, a Pole, a Greek, an Indian, a Canadian politician, an Afro-American, a Mexican, a Dutchman, an arrogant Frenchman, a Brazillian, an Ethiopian, a Turk, a Jap, a Chinaman, a Russian, an Indonesian, a Malaysian, a Cambodian, a Birmese and a Vietnamese all went together to an upmarket nightclub.
The bouncer said, sorry guys, I can’t let you in without a Thai. Australia Day Protest


Both before the foundation of Australia Day as the national day of Australia, and in the years after its creation, a few dates have been proposed for its festival and, at different occasions, the likelihood of moving Australia Day to an elective date has been mooted. A few reasons set forward are that the present date, praising the establishment of the Colony of New South Wales, needs national centrality that the day falls on school occasions which confines the commitment of schoolchildren in the occasion and that it neglects to incorporate individuals from the indigenous network and some other people who see the day as remembering the date of an intrusion of their land.Connected to this is the recommendation that moving the date would be viewed as a noteworthy emblematic act.

Among those calling for change have been Tony Beddison, at that point director of the Australia Day Committee (Victoria), who contended for change and asked for discussion on the issue in 1999 and Mick Dodson, Australian of the Year in 2009, who called for discussion with respect to when Australia Day was held.

Such a move would need to be made by a blend of the Australian Federal and State Governments,[68] and has needed adequate political and open help. In 2001 Prime Minister John Howard expressed that he recognized Aboriginal worries with the date, however that it was by the by a noteworthy day in Australia’s history, and in this manner he was supportive of holding the present date. He additionally noticed that 1 January, which was being talked about in light of the Centenary of Federation, was improper as it harmonized with New Year’s Day.[69] Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave a “clear no” to a difference in date, talking because of Mick Dodson’s proposal to revive the discussion. The Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, resounded Rudd’s help of 26 January, at the same time, alongside Rudd, upheld the privilege of Australians to raise the issue.At the State level, New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees expressed that he was yet to hear a “convincing contention” to help change; and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh communicated her resistance to a change.

In 2004, a Newspoll that inquired as to whether the date of Australia Day ought to be moved to one that isn’t related with European settlement discovered 79% of respondents supported no change, 15% favored change, and 6% were uncommitted.Historian Geoffrey Blainey said he trusted 26 January functioned admirably as Australia Day and that: “My view is that it is significantly more effective now than it’s at any point been.”

A September 2017 survey led for The Guardian uncovered that just 26% of Australians bolstered changing the date of Australia Day, while a January 2018 survey led by The Australia Institute found that 37% trusted the present date was hostile and 56% wouldn’t fret what day it is held.A January 2017 Guardian survey found that 68% of Australians felt positive about Australia Day, 19% were uninterested and 7% had blended sentiments, with 6% feeling negative about Australia Day. Among Indigenous Australians, notwithstanding, just 23% felt positive about Australia Day, 31% were negative and 30% had blended sentiments, with 54% favoring a difference in date.In June 2017 the yearly National General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association casted a ballot (by a lion’s share of 64– 62) for committees to think about how to campaign the government for a date change.

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