Australia Day Aquathon 2019 Results Summary

Australia’s favorite swim and Operate, the Australia Day Aquathon is Kept at the beautiful Wollongong Harbor and you Are Encouraged to celebrate Australia Day in and from the water.

With four run and swim spaces across children, kids, first timers, brief and long there’s the ideal space for virtually any level.

Go solo and choose the swim and run by yourself, or friend up tag group with a single swimmer and one which runs.

Safe, enjoyable and spectacular day which brings the elites, to households, and largely the regular participant outside for a distinctive and enjoyable Oz Day adventure.


Australia Day Aquathon

Australia Day Aquathon Events

The popular MMJ Australia Day Aquathon is Australia’s favorite swim and operate.

2019 sees the 20th version with a massive audience expected, which makes for an experience not to miss.

Held at picture ideal Wollongong Boat harbor, a bit more than a hour south of aquathlon Sydney, the magnificent venue provides the perfect place.


Australia Day Aquathon


Wollongong has turned into one of NSW’s destination hot spots and also the harbor is fundamental to the city, stores, cafe and lively center.

There are four run and swim spaces that could be appreciated by children to adults, adults to the aggressive and in person or tag group classes.

Aquathon finishers all get a trophy, the occasion has all of the security and professional services that you expect. A massive audience arrives to cheer, if you’re outside for an enjoyable race or time, Aquathon Distance is for you.

Move it all on your own, together with all the family, and friends and get involved.

Aquathon is a vital feature event of those all day tasks including entertainment, stalls, children’s rides, fireworks to observe the special day.


Australia Day Aquathon

Swim run courses

Kids aqua fun

Fantastic for the children, the 140m swim (6-9 years) or even 200m swim (10-12 years) is held at the secure boundaries of their Wollongong Harbour, together with lifesavers galore and parents may even accompany their kid (if you’re able to swim naturally ). The run for the two ages is 2km back and out along the coastal walk… with everybody cheering on the children are going to feel like superstars!

Mini aqua

Only need to provide the equation just a tiny taste to find out what it is like, or when you’ve got what it takes? This 200m swim and 2km run will make you pumped and you will wonder why you did not go longer! Do not worry, there is always next season.

Short Pants

Splash in and dab from the 400m swim in Wollongong Harbor and 3km run on a level scenic coastal walk going north across the Blue Mile Walk manner.

Long aqua

The show equation of this afternoon, this event brings some of the nation’s greatest multisport athletes moving around and you are able to line up alongside them for your 900m swim and 7km run.


Australia Day Aquathon

While you’re there

Wollongong Harbour’s Breakwater lighthouse was dormant since 1974 (a cosmetic lighting is exhibited on special events ), but it is up there with all the most visited areas in the’gong for vacationers.

To get a pole swim feed, remain around the harbor and attempt among Higgins or even the North Kiosk. To get a flavor of the sea, attempt Bombora Seafood or even the Harbourfront Restaurant.

Parking and travel

There is lots of parking in the roads, but there also lots of folks searching for them. Try roads west of this harbor, North Beach or circle the cubes for free parking.


Australia Day Aquathon

Australia Day Aquathon Wollongong 2019

Australia’s biggest swim and also, the Australia Day Aquathon at Wollongong on Saturday, 26 January 2019 proceeds to draw a massive audience who kick-start Australia Day with a fun dash and dash… are you prepared!

Participants can get involved by themselves or as a label team, where one group member swims along with another runs. From tens of thousands of routine participants, children to world triathlon winners showcasing their abilities,”aquathon” is an experience not to miss. Held in the scenic and secure enclosed waters of Wollongong Boat Harbor along with the panoramic’blue shuttle’ walking route, its ideal for all types



Swim and Run Events Australia

Registrations opened for the milestone event on the Wollongong foreshore this week.

January 26 is going to be a proud day for Mr Battocchio who had been fresh from college free of event encounter when he had been invited by a friend to perform a swim streak across near Wollongong Harbour.


Australia Day Aquathon


The friend thought this occasion could be popular with triathletes.

A couple of conversations afterwards and with some assistance from local company friends caused the very first Illawarra Aquathon.

Approximately 200 participants took part in this event in 1999. Many came out of from the neighborhood Salon, running and surf club community that helped Mr Battocchio begin what’s gone on to become that which we know today as the MMJ Australia Day Aquathon.

From these humble beginnings two years ago Mr Battocchio has dominated each occasion and found it grow from a tiny neighborhood swim and conduct, to that which is currently considered as the most popular of its kind in Australia.

Consequently the yearly Aquathon Australia is now an iconic event for the Illawarra. And creates a substantial financial effect.


Australia Day Aquathon


MMJ Australia Day Aquathon attracts countless visitors to Wollongong annually that join tens of thousands of sailors to assist kick-start Australia Day activities on the Wollongong foreshore.

Mr Battocchio organises each and every component of this event from locking in patrons to logistics, advertising and liaising with all the participants in addition to Wollongong City Council.

The MMJ Australia Day Aquathon is now entrenched on the Australia Day calendar because a true people’s event with important community service.

Due to this is has suffered a explosion in the amount of community and fitness events across Australia and not just lived but steadily becoming larger and better.

The yearly Australia Day Aquathon now attracts 1800 participants every year. And countless more come simply to watch.

In the procedure Mr Battocchio has managed to draw national attention to Wollongong Harbour as a host venue for multi-sport occasions and bringing world class triathletes.

Aquathon has a proud history of supporting local sporting clubs which help in volunteering and charities that knowingly fundraise through event involvement.

What many do not see is the hard work behind the scenes.


Australia Day Aquathon


Mr Battocchio does it alongside a busy family life and his livelihood as an exercise physiologist and TAFE NSW Teacher.

On the previous two decades his fire has helped pull 10 Olympic global triathlon stars in addition to tens of thousands of opponents of all ages and degrees.

Families and friends often participate to help share from the Australia Day celebration.

“My private favorite is watching the countless wide-eyed kids taking part,” Mr Battocchio explained.

“I never believed I would be standing here intending my 20th occasion once I began all those years back.

“The occasion has changed from a little swim round the harbor with a whole lot of neighborhood triathletes to hosting elite Australian and International Triathletes.

“A couple of years ago we included the Warrigal Community Walk, making Aquathon viable for the broader community. I’m really lucky and pleased that I have helped create a touch Australia Day event”


Wollongong Aquathon

The Australia Day Aquathon is now a premier Aquathon in Australia. There are five occasions to pick from including four swim-run distances along with a enjoyable run-walk. The event calls for a swim round Wollongong harbor followed with a run across the Blue Mile.

“Since the 20th variant myself and the team have invested planning and incorporating a couple of new disappearing,” Mr Battocchio explained.


Australia Day Aquathon


“2019 adds a Corporate Team branch, and an enjoyable run added into the walk. Our fundraising drive is going to likely be geared into The Flagstaff Group and neighborhood Anglican services. I would really like to see record amounts for our large 20th year”.

He said he’d really like to see whoever has engaged in past to return to take the amount of entrants ago 2000 for its 20th decades.

“I challenge you to dust off your speedos and joggers and enroll for this year’s event,” he explained.

“Aquathon isn’t for the elite, far from it. It is fun, secure and with plenty of encouragement everybody can participate. Swim-run, solo or label group or choose the magnificent all age community walk, run, roll up and join the fun.”


Australia Day Aquathon


There is also a 4km fun run or walk, making this a fun family day out for all ages.


Kids 140m + 2km (ages 6 to 9)
Kids 200m + 2km (ages 10 to 12)
200m + 2km
400m + 3km
900m + 7km


Australia Day Aquathon Results

 Kids Aqua Individual 6-9 years

1U10Kobe STEWART (#1334)00:08:5200:02:1300:06:39
2U10Nate TURNER (#793)00:10:3600:02:1100:08:24
3U10Maddix BURKE (#721)00:10:4600:02:2200:08:23
1U10Skye BELL (#674)00:10:5000:02:3600:08:13
2U10Brooke PLUMMER (#1328)00:11:5000:02:5800:08:51
3U10Lucy DARRAGH (#680)00:12:0400:03:0700:08:56

 Kids Aqua Teams 6-9 years

16-9 BoysTeam The Battle Destroyers (#802)00:09:4000:02:4800:06:51
26-9 BoysTEAM The demolition boys (#803)00:10:0900:02:0300:08:05
36-9 BoysTEAM Black Dimond (#797)00:14:4000:02:3800:12:01
16-9 GirlsTEAM Pip-ace (#801)00:10:5500:02:3100:08:23
26-9 GirlsTEAM Whant Girls (#805)00:11:3100:02:1200:09:18
36-9 GirlsTEAM Double Trouble (#799)00:11:4800:03:0900:08:38
16-9 MixedTEAM The racing Rutty’s (#804)00:13:2900:02:3600:10:52

 Short Individuals

1OpenMitchell WESTHUIZEN (#1239)00:17:2300:06:0200:11:20
2U16Finn STAPLEY (#922)00:17:4200:06:1000:11:31
3U16Brooklyn HENRY (#1309)00:18:0300:06:3800:11:24
1OpenElla WOOLDRIDGE (#1224)00:19:1500:07:0900:12:05
216-19Matilda OFFORD (#1093)00:19:3100:07:0900:12:21
3U16Erin WOOLDRIDGE (#1106)00:20:0900:07:2600:12:42

 Short Teams

1Junior U18Team BURKES BACKYARDS (#1384)00:18:3200:06:1600:12:15
2Junior U18TEAM North Gong Cruisers (#818)00:19:2900:06:2400:13:04
3OpenTeam WGC (#1382)00:20:3800:07:0400:13:33
1Junior U18TEAM Flabs are the new Abs (#813)00:21:4300:06:5100:14:51
2OpenTEAM Super Squirrels (#880)00:22:1600:07:4400:14:31
3OpenTEAM Fired Up Squirrels (#842)00:22:4400:06:5300:15:50
1OpenTEAM Saucy Squirrels (#867)00:20:1800:08:2200:11:55
2P&CU16TEAM Team Ali-dad (#824)00:20:4000:07:4200:12:57
3OpenTEAM Squirrel Vibes (#877)00:23:0000:09:3000:13:29

Australia day Aquathon 2019 Results

 Long Individuals

1OpenCallum MCCLUSKY (#36)00:39:0900:15:4100:23:27
2OpenRyan BAILIE (#3)00:39:3200:15:0400:24:27
3OpenNathan BREEN (#7)00:39:4300:14:3700:25:05
1OpenAshleigh GENTLE (#243)00:41:4800:16:3300:25:14
2OpenEmma JEFFCOAT (#251)00:42:2700:15:4400:26:42
3OpenNatalie VAN COEVORDEN (#282)00:42:4100:16:3500:26:05

 Long Teams

1OpenTeam CURRARONG (#1258)00:41:5500:16:4000:25:14
2OpenTEAM Team Gibbo (#424)00:43:2800:17:5900:25:28
3OpenTEAM Dargus Goldchook (#384)00:44:3600:17:1800:27:17
1OpenTEAM SHORT & SWEET (#420)00:52:5800:19:2000:33:37
2OpenTEAM NRC #GoTheGirls (#1222)00:55:2200:21:3900:33:42
345+TEAM Meadowgate Hair and Beauty Jamberoo (#405)00:55:3100:17:2200:38:08
1OpenTEAM Alitez (#372)00:49:5600:19:4500:30:10
2OpenTEAM Team Chop Dino (#422)00:50:3700:18:2000:32:17
3OpenTEAM Jasmin and Luke (#396)00:51:1900:19:1200:32:06

Wollongong splash and dash results

110-12Jackson WALSH (#578)00:09:5400:02:4500:07:09
210-12Kynan BURKE (#524)00:10:0700:02:5200:07:14
310-12Joseph CANTLON (#526)00:10:1200:03:1600:06:55
110-12Alexandra FIELD (#597)00:10:0200:02:5900:07:02
210-12Mia WOOLDRIDGE (#638)00:10:1900:03:2200:06:57
310-12Grace POMERY (#627)00:10:2200:03:1100:07:10

 Kids Aqua Teams 10-12 years

110-12 BoysTEAM StarrMac (#656)00:10:1800:03:0700:07:10
210-12 BoysTeam Scazfletch (#655)00:12:0100:03:4300:08:17
310-12 BoysTeam NINJAS (#1272)00:12:5800:03:4400:09:14
110-12 GirlsTEAM CorrimalDonuts (#798)00:11:0200:02:5400:08:07
210-12 GirlsTEAM EmMali (#648)00:11:4700:03:1400:08:32
310-12 GirlsTEAM Supersonic Speedos (#657)00:11:5100:04:0100:07:49
110-12 MixedTEAM A 4 Awesome (#639)00:10:0700:03:1200:06:54
210-12 MixedTEAM Mighty Midgets (#653)00:11:0300:02:3500:08:27
310-12 MixedTEAM The Party Duo (#664)00:11:0600:03:3000:07:35
Australia Day Aquathon 2019 Results Summary
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Australia Day Aquathon 2019 Results Summary
Australia's favorite swim and Operate, the Australia Day Aquathon is Kept at the beautiful Wollongong Harbor and you Are Encouraged to celebrate Australia Day in and from the water. With four run and swim spaces across children, kids, first timers, brief and long there's the ideal space for virtually any level.
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