Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast


Australia Day Feast: Australia Day is the ideal time to get together with the family or welcome your mates over for a grill and douse up the remainder of summer while you commend all things ‘Australia’. In case despite everything you’re arranging your Australia Day menu, we have you concealed with a line of delectable and simple formulas for your festival.



You can’t have Australia Day without the exemplary damper. This basic damper recipe is a simple expansion to your menu and heavenly presented with margarine and brilliant syrup. On the off chance that you need to switch it up, have a go at including different fixings, for example, chives, cheddar or herbs to give it an exquisite turn.


Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Fairy bread

While a great many people outside Australia don’t exactly ‘get’ pixie bread, it is a nostalgic most loved with both kids and grown-ups. Spread white bread with margarine and sprinkle with thousands. For an additional piece of merry soul cut the bread out with an Australia molded cutout.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Homemade sausage rolls

There is nothing very like tucking into fresh homemade hotdog rolls straight from the broiler. Cut littler they are an extraordinary bite or abandon them bigger as a simple lunch alternative. Keep in mind the tomato and grill sauce to serve.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Cob loaf dip

This oldie but a goodie is making a rebound and is a well known expansion to any gathering. There are about the same number of varieties of cob portion as there are cooks making them yet probably the most famous incorporate cold spinach plunge cob and hot and gooey bacon and cheddar cob.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast


Lamb cutlets

As of late sheep has turned into the go-to meat for Aussie Day festivities. For a crisp turn, attempt this formula for lamb cutlets with salsa verde. It is snappy and simple to get ready and works extraordinary on the grill.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Chilli and lime prawns

Give your seafood an extra kick with this tasty chilli and lime king prawns with chipotle mayorecipe. The smooth and smoky mayo and zingy prawns make this the perfect finger licking combo.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Kangaroo meat pie

What’s more Aussie than a meat pie? A kangaroo meat pie! Look at this formula for kangaroo, mushroom and dim beer pies. The rich lager and mushroom enhances in the sauce superbly off set the gamey meat to make a genuine Aussie great.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast



While the discussion seethes on concerning whether Pavlovas are an Australian or New Zealand creation, there is no denying that they are the ideal mid year dessert. Experiment with this formula for the perfect pavlova, the fixing can be tweaked to suit your taste including mango, passionfruit, pineapple, berries, banana or even some shaved chocolate in case you’re feeling liberal.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Golden Gaytime Semifredo

Brilliant Gaytimes are a much cherished Aussie summer exemplary and this indulgent Golden Gaytime semifreddo frozen yogurt cake takes them to an unheard of level. Best of everything it tends to be set up ahead of time, so on the day you simply get the opportunity to appreciate.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast


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Tim Tam cheese cake

Isn’t everything better in life with Tim Tams? Try this easy and delicious Tim Tam cheesecake for the ultimate Australia Day dessert (and maybe grab a spare packet to snack on while you’re cooking).

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast


Green ’n’ gold beer punch

In case you’re searching for something new to add to your bar collection give the green ‘n’ gold lager punch a go. This invigorating brew based beverage is ideal for a sweltering summer day and you may even have the capacity to entice those submitted lager consumers to try it out.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Watermelon vodka slushie

This speedy and simple blender mixed drink is part drink and part dessert. Watermelon vodka slushies are an extraordinary gathering drink as you can prepare a major cluster in only several minutes.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Aussie Sangria

This Aussie sangria recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic sangria, incorporating ginger beer, liqueurs and lime juice.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast


Ideal about now, you are going to understand that tomorrow is Australia Day. No not Monday.

Try not to freeze. Keep as cool as an esky as we have some hot grill thoughts and tips.

One-in-five of us have a conventional Australia Day supper with the dominant part tossing a barbie, as indicated by a review by NRMA Motoring and Services.

Of those, 26 percent offer fish or fish, 21 percent sheep, 19 percent meat and

only 9 percent will cook a chook.

Most loved foodie and Australia Post 2014 Food Legend Maggie Beer has an Australia Day lunch highlighting yabbies, rabbit pie and pavlova.

“Some way or another eating the rabbit, a scourge, appears to work, and the yabbies originate from our dam,” she said. “For the pavlova, passionfruit and banana is one of my most loved things. It’s turned out to be Australian to me.

Maggie Beer’s pavlova with woman finger banana and passionfruit topping.

Maggie Beer’s pavlova with woman finger banana and passionfruit topping.Source:Supplied

“A grill is a superb method for having individuals around, especially as a basic lunch. Have a lovely moderate cooked sheep flame broiled on the grill with eggplant, and a tomato serving of mixed greens.”

On the off chance that you are having a grill, ensure you are cooking with gas, as well.

“This January, we hope to move more than 15,000 gas chambers which will give fuel to more than 100,000 hours of grilling,” said Origin’s Anne Armansin.

To test how much gas you have, cautiously pour high temp water down the side of the chamber at that point run your hand down the way of the water. Where it feels cool is the place the gas level is.

* The NRMA is putting forth 10,000 free frankfurters and chilly beverages at its Australia Day family grill tomorrow, 11am-3pm, Dawes Point Park, Hickson Rd, The Rocks.

Plunged PRAWNS

Prawns are toward the finish of pinnacle supply so hope to pay more than you would at Christmas.

Gobble straight up or plunged in a locally acquired mayo blended with 1/2 measure of light acrid cream, cleaved garlic, chives, tarragon and some slashed cooked bacon.

At Matt Moran’s new North Bondi Fish, he serves super-measure barbecued ruler prawns with a blend of pounded garlic, chardonnay vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and lemon pizzazz, slashed oregano and parsley.

Matt Moran’s North Bondi Fish dish, Grilled prawns with oregano and lime.

Matt Moran’s North Bondi Fish dish, Grilled prawns with oregano and lime.Source:Supplied


Culinary expert Neil Perry adores a snapper on Australia Day. He preheats his grill barbecue to hot and sprinkles 4 filets with ocean salt and brushed with olive oil. Flame broil skin side down for three minutes, at that point turns and cook for 2 more.

Present with cooked tomatoes, skin evacuated, and crushed with 60ml of red wine vinegar, 150ml olive oil, and herbs tarragon, parsley and oregano.

Neil Perry likes to start up the BBQ … here is his Snapper filet with tomato sauce. Picture: Neil Perry

Neil Perry likes to start up the BBQ … here is his Snapper filet with tomato sauce. Picture: Neil PerrySource:Supplied


For Perry, matured grilled hamburger ribs presented with anchovy spread is additionally a top pick.

“Continuously preheat the grill to hot and ensure the barbecue bars are perfect,” he said.

Evacuate 4 x 250g matured meat ribs from the cooler two hours previously cooking and season with ocean salt.

Pound eight anchovies with somewhat salt in a mortar and pestle until the point that they begin to separate. Include lemon juice and eight tablespoons of unsalted margarine, ground pepper and blend totally. Set aside.

“Sprinkle the steaks with some additional virgin olive oil and shake off any abundance,” he says.

To arrive immaculate crosshatch put the steaks on the flame broil at a 45 degree point to the barbecue bars, at that point turn midway.

“An uncommon steak will be delicate to the touch and will spring back when squeezed,” he said.

“In the event that you see the juices rise to the top as red beads, your steak will be medium uncommon, likely going to medium in the wake of resting, and if the juices are pink to clear you have a well-done steak.”

Steaks on the barbie … a customary Australia Day feast. Picture: Thinkstock


Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

Excursion PREP

Providing food ruler Simmone Logue heads to nature on Australia Day.

“I cherish the possibility of an outing on Australia Day, regardless of whether it’s simply in an obscure place under a major wonderful tree in your patio. There is something about being outside in Australia on our exceptional day,” she said.

“Get a container and fill it with flawless cheeses, grapes, cherries and pre-fall stone natural products. I can never forget my singed chicken with a dazzling ‘slaw and, obviously, a wonderful Simmone Logue hummingbird cake.

“I generally complete with a Thermos of tea before I tip my cap over my eyes for a rest. Keep in mind the Aeroguard and have a pleasant day.”

For those in a hurry, make green and gold vegetable plunges utilizing zucchini, ricotta and mint for green and broiled pumpkin and harissa for gold.

Pack an outing bin with cuts of a vegetable frittata or bring along some thin steaks or chilly wieners to add to hard moves, chutney and cheddar.

Complete off with a straightforward watermelon, raspberry and mint serving of mixed greens and you day is finished.

Get yourself a determination of cheeses with grapes.

Get yourself a determination of cheeses with grapes.Source:News Limited


English conceived culinary expert Darren Robertson from Three Blue Ducks in Bronte in Sydney adores an old-school lamington. His own take utilizes bits of the chocolate-plunged wipe top choices blended with frozen yogurt.

“It’s overly simple to get ready and an extraordinary small cooling sweet for that Australia Day daylight,” he said. “It’s an ideal end to an Australia Day grill.”


Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

WHAT better approach to pay tribute to Australia Day than around the grill with a cheerful decent delicious tangle enveloped by bread, dribbling with toasty onions and tomato sauce or mustard?

Furthermore, at any rate we know exactly what we are eating in the present wiener sanga.

Some time ago, youthful disciple butcher Trevor Hill was astounded at the substance of the pervasive hotdog.

“I can recall when I began around 40 years prior, putting a ludicrous measure of water in with the general mish-mash,” says the veteran butcher behind the Bruce’s Meat gathering, who likewise is the Australian Meat Industry Council Retail Chairman.

“We used to put in a great deal of water and emulsifiers to help tie the fat. Back then, a hotdog may have been just 50 percent meat,” he says.

The water content was to a great extent behind the feared split skin, in light of the fact that “the water would bubble in the cooking, and influence the wiener to detonate”.

Butchers step by step enhanced the frankfurter, and around 10 years prior, 75 percent meat content turned into an industry rule.

“For the most part, you will find that the higher the value, the more slender the hotdog,” says Mr Hill.

“We have gourmet hotdogs that are 80 to 95 percent lean meat.

“You’d cook a 95 percent steak hotdog simply like a steak, however for different wieners you require no less than 10 to 15 percent fat for a pleasant flavor blend. Without it, the wiener will be dry and brittle.”


Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

A normal hotdog can be a blend of meats, “yet on the off chance that it is known as an aggravation with, pork or chicken frankfurter, 100 percent of that 75 percent must be that specific meat”.

Richard Gunner, of Feast! Fine Foods, says a major favorable position of frankfurters is that “in one spending feast, you can without much of a stretch have something other than what’s expected to suit every relative’s taste”.

His kids incline toward plain grill hotdogs over gourmet assortments, or the tasting platter accessible at Something Wild in the Adelaide Central Market, which moves a really Aussie determination of kangaroo, emu, cocodile, wild hog, bison and goat tangles, intended for Australia Day.

The two butchers concur that wieners ought to be cooked gradually, yet vary on whether the tangle ought to be pricked all the while.

“Try not to prick it, hold in all the great flavors we put in,” says Mr Gunner, whose stores include an alternate assortment every month.

Mr Hill likes to prick them when seventy five percent cooked.

Australia Day Feast

Australia Day Feast

He cautions that when cooking a decent wiener, some fat will cook out and wind up on the hotplate, “which is anything but a terrible thing”. “It implies the fat has assumed its job in including flavor and dampness, however you don’t wind up eating as a lot of it,” says Mr Hill.

Plain general store assortments at about $4-$5kg, contain progressively fat bound with emulsifiers, he says, “so less fat cooks out, which implies you will eat the majority of that fat”.


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