Australia Day Event Ideas

Australia Day Event Ideas

 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Australia Day event Ideas: The most critical day of any enthusiastic Aussie’s logbook year has arrived… Australia Day! In case you’re searching for Australia Day party thoughts or Australia Day sustenance thoughts, look no further. Here is your manual for setting up a definitive Australia Day party. The pleasure is all mine.


First of all… If you’re hosting the gathering at home, you should have a decent clean yard for the majority of your companions to respect. On the off chance that cutting the lawn in 35 degree January warm isn’t your concept of fun, why not contract another person to deal with it by means of Airtasker?

The banner

No Australia Day party is finished without a huge energetic, plastic Aussie signal (made in China, obviously). Look at your neighborhood shabby shop for a deal.


 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Austraian Signal Garden Foter


The pool toys

In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to approach a pool or the shoreline on Australia Day, inflatable pool toys are an absolute necessity! Simply recollect that at the shoreline the current can without much of a stretch range you away, so don’t paddle excessively far out on your inflatable crocodile.

bright life-infant inflatable-swan-pool-toy-663113


No pool for inflatable toys? Never fear, you can in any case have a wonderful time with a monster kangaroo as your mascot for the day! Go for a green and gold example for additional Aussie brownie focuses.

The ‘look’ (improve yourself)

Staples for Aussie Day clothing are:

• Aussie signal face tattoos (or go the additional mile and paint your whole face).

• Thongs, a.k.a. pluggers (a twofold plugger style is ideal). Visitors without suitable footwear ought to be declined section.

 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas


• A chesty Bonds singlet and stubbies combo with a wide overflowed cap will place you in the running for the best dressed honor. Worthy substitutes are swimming outfits, boardies, or anything that is authentic Wallabies stock.

• Green and gold zinc (slip, slop, slap!).

Australia Day silly buffoonery

The Triple J Hottest 100

You are essentially not Australian on the off chance that you don’t observe Australia Day by tuning in to the Triple J Hottest 100. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you don’t tune in to the radio all year; you simply need to on this day. So ensure you enlist your gathering with Triple J on the web and have huge speakers prepared to siphon tunes throughout the day, or your companions may blacklist your gathering.


Lawn, shoreline or even overhang cricket (mind the windows)… who doesn’t play cricket on Australia Day? This amusement is about the zinc.


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 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Thong hurl

Thong hurl, a.k.a. plugger hurl or thong tossing is an imperative diversion that likely started path in 1994 when Australia Day was first celebrated as an open occasion. The guidelines are straightforward; every player takes a thong off their foot and tosses it to the extent they can. The champ is the individual who tosses their thong the uttermost.

Tip: Thong hurl needs a sensibly extensive space; so if your patio doesn’t cut it, take this one to the recreation center.

Slip ‘n’ Slide

On the off chance that you experienced childhood in Australia, you realize that the best way to completely acknowledge slip ‘n’ slide is by method for the hand crafted variant: a covering, cleanser, a hose and a keep running up!

Basic Australia Day nourishment and beverages

Nobody at any point recalled an Australia Day party that didn’t serve customary Aussie toll and super cold brews; so don’t get slack on the cooking part.

For beverages, you can’t turn out badly by providing a portion of Australia’s best chilly lagers in an esky loaded with ice, for example, VB, XXXX or Toohey’s Extra Dry. On the other hand for some liquor free Aussie drinks settle on Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Passiona or Cottee’s Cordial.

 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas


As indicated by a truly dependable survey on Facebook, Australia Day sustenance ought to dependably include:

Wiener rolls

Custom made is the best and it’s the most straightforward thing to make. All you require is puff cake, frankfurter mince and softened spread.

Meat pies

This is an easy decision folks! Four’N Twenty is your standard solidified go-to however for a mass gathering siutation great old gathering pies are a victor.


 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas


You can purchase these off the rack, yet for those of you who’d like to flaunt your lucky cooking aptitudes, attempt this formula for in-bleeding valid Lamingtons with white chocolate cream (*drool*).




This is one that I suggest you either get your mum associated with, or make yourself. Locally acquired pavs are alright, however… they simply don’t taste the equivalent. Go on… give it a shot.

Obstacles on the barbie

On the off chance that for no other explanation than the way that Australians are the main ones who appear to call them ‘tangles’. Simply include some tomato sauce and a cut of bread = paradise.


 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

obstacles foter

Photograph credit: Christopher Craig by means of

Sheep of some depiction

Nobody truly knows why, however look at this epic video and you’ll need to serve sheep at any rate!

In the event that you require with the sustenance prepare or tidying up there are a lot of Airtasker’s to help you this Australia Day

Alright, you are good to go to have the most epic Australia Day party! In the event that there’s anything I’ve overlooked, add it to the remarks beneath. Glad Australia Day individuals!


In this way, you’ve put your hand up to be the host or master with-the-mostess during the current year’s Australia Day merriments. In case you’re similar to all honest to goodness Aussies who religiously commend this day consistently on 26 January, you’ll realize that a not too bad Australia Day party calls for lagers, grilling, patio cricket and better than average grub. Assuming, in any case, you’d like your hoedown to be a stage up from a year ago’s nap fest the neighbors tossed, you’ll have to complete somewhat more than toss some shrimp on the barbie. Dread not, we have every one of the tips you have to arrange a definitive Australia Day party.

Patio BBQ

Area, area, area

Our affection for nature is the motivation behind why Australia is known as the sunburnt nation. Except if it’s blowing a hurricane this Australia Day, facilitating your gathering in some other area other than your terrace is so un-Australian. Get your own cut of nature into rigging in front of the festivals by cutting the yard, expelling the canine crap, sussing out the best seating courses of action and sorting out a good measure of shade.


 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Young men with Australian banners

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie …

Australians love to celebrate under the most favorable circumstances, however give them a devoted open occasion to cheer in being Australian and you’re in for a genuine treat. In the event that the gathering gauntlet is in your grasp this year, it’s dependent upon you to give your visitors a sanctum to everything Australian with the greatest number of Aussie Day enrichments as you can deal with. From Aussie banners to toy koalas, explode kangaroos, local blossom plans and paper lamps, your improving choices are perpetual. Increase current standards high this year by giving your visitors reciprocal Aussie Day thongs and brief banner tattoos.

Reasonable dinkum nourishment

Beside purchasing enough alcohol, having an extraordinary determination of certifiable Aussie sustenances is on the docket while facilitating an Australia Day gathering. Since your Aussie Day festivities are probably going to begin early in the day and carry on until well after dim, the key is purchasing enough sustenance to keep every one of your visitors full and upbeat. Begin serving the pre-lunch snacks when visitors arrive and keep them coming until the point when lunch is served. Beside the standard chips and plunge, couple of sustenances are more reasonable dinkum than smaller than expected pies and wiener moves with tomato sauce.

 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Next, it’s onto the principle course. Purchasing gobs of tangles, steaks and shrimp to hurl on the barbie is required, and you can’t turn out badly with a decent determination of servings of mixed greens and breads, potatoes, two or three chooks and perhaps some chilled clams. Lastly, the piece de opposition: dessert. Present a treat to the majority with Pavlovas heaped high with flavorful foods grown from the ground, a pinnacle of lamingtons and maybe a platter of pixie bread (you’re certain to be a hit if there’s children about).


Patio diversion

Regardless of whether you’ve made an impeccable list if people to attend that can’t fall flat, it’s a host/entertainer’s obligation to give stimulation to keep all visitors engaged. Fortunate for you, Australia Day accompanies its own idiot proof group pleaser: patio cricket. Ensure you assign a segment of your lawn for the cricket pitch, and ensure you stay away from a cabbage fix situation by cutting the grass somewhat shorter on the pitch. Need to increase present expectations much higher? A helpful cricket cooler makes the ideal arrangement of wickets and – all the more imperatively – will keep the brews cool and close nearby amid the amusement.

In the event that you have a patio swimming pool, there’s no better time to capitalize on it than on Australia Day. Allure visitors into the pool with fun inflatable pool toys – who wouldn’t be enticed by a vivid inflatable pineapple or an inflatable flamingo on a sweltering summer’s day?

 Australia day event ideas

Australia day event ideas

Australia Day singing

Aussie tunes

At long last, you’ll require a swag of Aussie tunes playing for the duration of the day to kick the merriments into high apparatus. Keep youthful and old Aussies content with a blend of contemporary and great hits from Cold Chisel, ACDC, Gotye, John Farnham, INXS, Sia and obviously Men At Work.



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