Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map: With vehicles thundering past at 300 km/h, a genuine F1® fan realizes a Grandstand situate is the most ideal approach to watch the turbocharged activity unfurl.

Browse four-day, two-day and single-day Grandstand alternatives at the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019



Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map


Point by point seating data and the area of the considerable number of grandstands is set out in the circuit maps. The seating on all grandstands for the 2019 Australian Grand Prix is outdoors for example not secured it is prescribed to get ready for every single climate condition for example sunscreen, umbrellas, caps, and so forth.

All grandstands, including 4 of the 6 general confirmation hills regions offer super screen seeing. Typically tickets for the more prevalent grandstands, similar to the Jones, Brabham and Prost grandstands will in general rat first for the Australian Grand Prix.


Before considering the most fitting bundle that best suits your Australian Grand Prix necessities, it is vital to take note of the area and advantages of every one of the tickets for the different grandstands, we have on offer. We propose that you allude to the joined circuit maps for subtleties on where to watch the world’s best terrific prix.


Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

View: First chicane – Turns 1 and 2.

Superscreen: Yes.

Features: Located on Turn 1 toward the finish of the pit straight were the hustling vehicles reach about 310km/h. From this show off you can see both Turn 1, a third apparatus right hand corner, quickly pursued by Turn 2, a left hander, making it very nearly a chicane. The super screen specifically inverse the show off, places you in the thick of the dramatization for the length of the race. The bars and cooking close-by let you refuel and remember the fervor at your very own pace.

Wheelchair Access: Yes, contiguous Jones Grandstand.


Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

View: Turns 1 and 2.

Super screen: Yes.

Features: Located within the circuit on Turn 2, you will be as close as you can get to all the show and activity of Turns 1 and 2. The dashing vehicles will take Turn 1 at about 135km/h and will quicken completely through Turn 2, coming to about 200km/h at its summit. The super screen inverse the show off will guarantee that you don’t to free track of the procedures and make your race experience a great deal more pleasant. The bars and a buffet of nourishment slows down specifically behind the show off make for an ideal pit stop.

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Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map

Australian Grand Prix Grandstand Map


Super screen: Yes, 3 Super screens specifically inverse.

Features: Formula One paradise! In case you’re a banner waving group enthusiast, it’s the main spot to be – you have an unrivaled perspective on the pre-race excitement and the brief instant dramatization of all the pit stops. Far and away superior, you’re in the ideal spot to see the fervor of the begin and complete and the triumph festivities. The Restaurant Village, selective to show off and corporate benefactors, is found straightforwardly behind the Fangio Grandstand.


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View: Turns 15 and 16

Super screen: Yes, askew inverse.


Features: The Prost show off is situated on Turn 16 the last corner of the circuit driving onto the pit straight. The corner is taken around 150km/h in third rigging and a decent exit from this corner is significant for the speed the dashing autos convey down the pit straight. This is a prevalent stand and is ordinarily sold out first. It additionally offers you a perspective on Turn 15 and beginning of the pit straight. The super screen inverse this show off increases the dramatization as it amplifies the activity. You can give your heartbeat a chance to return to ordinary in the bars and sustenance outlets close-by. Wheelchair Access: Yes, straightforwardly before column A.


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View: Start/Finish line, Main Straight, Pit Lane Exit.

Super screen: Yes, corner to corner inverse.


Features: Just meters from the begin/complete line, you’ll be there in a jiffy for the begin and for each shocking completion – also the white-knuckle dramatization related with rejoining the race after a strained, furious pit-stop. The super screen guarantees you see everything, very close. Between occasions, unwind and get up to speed with companions and individual supporters in the Restaurant Village only a short walk away – it’s restrictive to show off and corporate benefactors.


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View: Pit Lane Entry, Pit Straight, Turn 16.

Super screen: Yes, straightforwardly inverse.


Features: The Senna Grandstand is situated toward the beginning of pit straight. It offers you extraordinary perspectives on the primary pit straight and pit passage in addition to an immediate perspective on the last Turn 16. The corner is taken around 150km/h in third rigging and a decent exit from this corner is urgent for the speed the hustling vehicles convey down the pit straight. A decent and less expensive option in contrast to the Prost Grandstand, which is typically the first to move out. Whatever is left of the activity is overwhelming with a super screen situated straightforwardly inverse the show off. Nourishment, bars and the Restaurant Village adjacent prop you up for the duration of the day.


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View: Turns 15, 16 and Pit Lane Entry.

Super screen: Yes, corner to corner inverse.


Features: The Schumacher Stand is arranged on the leave Turn 15, an exceptionally tight second rigging 80km/h left-hand corner. The show off likewise offers you a decent perspective on the pit path section. In case you’re taking a camera, this show off is in a perfect world situated. You will likewise observe the dashing autos quicken into the last corner, Turn 16 taken at about 150km/h and driving onto the pit straight. The super screen inverse keeps the show ‘supercharged’ for the span of the race. Nourishment and bar offices are only minutes away to keep you refueled throughout the day. Wheelchair Access: Yes, specifically before line A.


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View: Turns 9 and 10.

Super screen: Yes, askew inverse.


Features: The Clark Grandstand gives great review of two very quick and one moderate corner. It is situated on Turn 9 and is a second apparatus right-hand corner, which requires very hard braking from the hustling drivers. From this show off you can likewise observe the hustling autos leaving from Turn 8 a long level out right-hander and the quickest corner on the circuit. From Turn 9 the track does a quick switch into a long left-hander Turn 10, which requests an abnormal state of consideration and focus from the drivers. With a super screen slantingly inverse, you’ll have elating perspectives on the whole race. The Clark Stand is near the fairway excitement territory, which incorporates the Super Bar, the yearly F1 Expo and adjacent nourishment outlets, which will enable you to keep your vitality up for the day.

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View: Turns 11 and 12.

Super screen: Yes, corner to corner inverse.


Features: The Waite Grandstand, arranged on the eastern side of the Lake at Turn 12 gives great rapid review of the race. It offers all encompassing review of the exceptionally difficult Turns 11 and 12, which in actuality frames a quick and troublesome fourth-gear chicane. The drivers will take both left-hand and right-hand parts of this chicane at around 210km/h, before quickening back up to 300km/h on the accompanying short straight. The super screen corner to corner inverse guarantees you won’t miss a second of the race. On the off chance that you feel like a walk, you’ll discover the fairway diversion territories, Super Bar, the yearly Australian F1 Expo and nourishment offices helpfully close by.


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View: Turns 14.

Super screen: Yes, specifically inverse.


Features: Located toward the finish of the Turn 14 run-off, another quick fourth apparatus corner, which the drivers approach at about 230km/h before braking down to about 180km/h. In the wake of leaving this corner they quicken back up to about 245km/h before dropping to second apparatus for the moderate Turn 15. With a super screen specifically inverse you, you will almost certainly observe every one of the rushes and spills occurring on different parts of the circuit. Remember the dramatization or audit the race over a beverage at the bar or a nibble at the sustenance outlets close-by.


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A 4-day general confirmation ticket permits you the opportunity to meander the circuit and look at the activity from various diverse vantage focuses for the length 4-day hustling exercises and projects. The Australian Grand Prix circuit has six gigantic survey hills deliberately situated around the circuit, four of which have super screen seeing so you don’t miss any of the activity. Your general confirmation ticket likewise incorporates free access to the circuit’s open attractions like the typically introduced GP Expo and F1 Exhibition please allude to the circuit maps underneath.

Albert Park is essentially a road circuit. The best review, on the off chance that you arrive sufficiently early, is in actuality from “Brocky’s Hill” in the general confirmation zone, where you can see 3 corners in a single display. Seats offer restricted review of what you see before you. The other spot which offers energizing review is the general confirmation region past turn 3, where grasp is regularly an issue, you can watch the vehicles work up through the riggings, and, for the most part, 2 television screens offer a perspective on the autos coming towards and leaving from you. Some exchange is required to see the turn 3 screen however it tends to be finished.

The Australian Grand Prix is one of the best occasions to visit on the F1 schedule yet tragically, on numerous dimensions the Grandstands at the Albert Park circuit neglect to convey the observer experience you would need, particularly at the sort of value focuses we’re discussing. The accessibility of multi show off tickets have improved upon the arrangement to some degree however and except if you have a most loved spot as of now, in the event that you need the show off experience these are the best approach. Fortunately, general affirmation regions spare the day with some truly sensible perspectives on the track and for a small amount of the expense.


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The Jones show off at Melbourne is situated on the outside of the circuit, nearby the primary corner. For most seats your view up the track to where the pit lane exit is, is darkened. The lower lines can see this far, yet any line underneath about line J has their vision undermined by the find fencing. It’s a long way from a perfect view, yet at the same time an extraordinary spot to see F1 autos under breaking and after that battling for grasp as the drivers jump on the power while arranging turn 2. Overwhelms are normal here, and you can expect a lot of activity on lap 1.


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The Brabham stand just defeats Jones as the general best show off at Albert Park. Situated at the inside of turn 1, you see drivers entering from the tight left hander before getting of the power for the since a long time ago, bended left that prompts turn 3. The stand is in a perfect world set for the rushes and spills that regularly go with the main lap of the Grand Prix in Melbourne and it’s a standout amongst the most widely recognized locales for surpasses. Seats in the upper columns of the stand have an unmistakable perspective on the zenith to turn 1 settling on it an extraordinary decision for sharp picture takers, however later in the day, if the race is a late starter, the point of the sun can cause issues. The Brabham stand is additionally in a perfect world situated for a significant number of the additional attractions at Albert Park based on the F1 Village so you won’t be exhausted between track sessions.

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There is little to pick between these two stands. Situated towards the finish of the lap, you can see the tight left hander close to the Schumacher stand, the pit passage and the quick clearing bend on to the begin/complete straight. Try not to expect to see any pit lane activity from both of these vantage focuses as that all happens further down. This area sees few surpasses, yet you will see drivers show their incomparable aptitude as they plan to get inside a sensible separation of the vehicle in front, to make out of here the pit straight. Likewise a decent spot in quali to watch drivers endeavoring to expert the last turn for a decent raced to the line.


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