Australia Day Ideas Event & Celebration

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas: The most critical day of any devoted Aussie’s logbook year has arrived… Australia Day! In case you’re searching for Australia Day party thoughts or Australia Day sustenance thoughts, look no further. Here is your manual for setting up a definitive Australia Day party. My pleasure.

House Prep

The immaculate grass

First of all… If you’re hosting the get-together at home, you should have a pleasant clean yard for the majority of your companions to respect. On the off chance that cutting the lawn in 35 degree January warm isn’t your concept of fun, why not enlist another person to deal with it by means of Airtasker?

The banner

No Australia Day party is finished without a tremendous devoted, plastic Aussie hail (made in China, obviously). Look at your nearby modest shop for a deal.

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Austraian hail grass foter

The pool toys

In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to approach a pool or the shoreline on Australia Day, inflatable pool toys are an unquestionable requirement! Simply recall that at the shoreline the current can without much of a stretch range you away, so don’t paddle excessively far out on your inflatable crocodile.

bright life-infant inflatable-swan-pool-toy-663113

Source: The Third Row

The kangaroo

No pool for inflatable toys? Never fear, you can even now have a wonderful time with a monster kangaroo as your mascot for the day! Go for a green and gold example for additional Aussie brownie focuses.

The ‘look’ (finish yourself)

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Staples for Aussie Day clothing are:

• Aussie signal face tattoos (or go the additional mile and paint your whole face).

• Thongs, a.k.a. pluggers (a twofold plugger style is ideal). Visitors without proper footwear ought to be rejected section.

• A chesty Bonds singlet and stubbies combo with a wide overflowed cap will place you in the running for the best dressed honor. Worthy substitutes are swimming outfits, boardies, or anything that is legitimate Wallabies stock.

• Green and gold zinc (slip, slop, slap!).

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day pointless fooling around

The Triple J Hottest 100

You are essentially not Australian on the off chance that you don’t observe Australia Day by tuning in to the Triple J Hottest 100. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you don’t tune in to the radio all year; you simply need to on this day. So ensure you enlist your gathering with Triple J on the web and have huge speakers prepared to siphon tunes throughout the day, or your companions may blacklist your gathering.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.18.52 pm


Terrace cricket

Terrace, shoreline or even gallery cricket (mind the windows)… who doesn’t play cricket on Australia Day? This amusement is about the zinc.

Thong hurl

Thong hurl, a.k.a. plugger hurl or thong tossing is an imperative diversion that most likely started path in 1994 when Australia Day was first celebrated as an open occasion. The principles are basic; every player takes a thong off their foot and tosses it to the extent they can. The victor is the individual who tosses their thong the uttermost.

Tip: Thong hurl needs a sensibly substantial space; so if your terrace doesn’t cut it, take this one to the recreation center.

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Slip ‘n’ Slide

On the off chance that you experienced childhood in Australia, you realize that the best way to completely acknowledge slip ‘n’ slide is by method for the custom made rendition: a covering, cleanser, a hose and a keep running up!

Fundamental Australia Day nourishment and beverages

Nobody at any point recollected an Australia Day party that didn’t serve conventional Aussie passage and super cold lagers; so don’t get slack on the providing food part.

For beverages, you can’t turn out badly by providing a portion of Australia’s best cool lagers in an esky loaded with ice, for example, VB, XXXX or Toohey’s Extra Dry. Then again for some liquor free Aussie drinks settle on Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Passiona or Cottee’s Cordial.


As per a truly dependable survey on Facebook, Australia Day sustenance ought to dependably include:

Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Wiener rolls

Custom made is the best and it’s the most effortless thing to make. All you require is puff baked good, hotdog mince and dissolved margarine.

Meat pies

This is an easy decision folks! Four’N Twenty is your standard solidified go-to yet for a mass gathering siutation great old gathering pies are a champ.


You can purchase these off the rack, yet for those of you who’d like to flaunt your lucky cooking aptitudes, attempt this formula for in-grisly valid Lamingtons with white chocolate cream (*drool*).


Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas



This is one that I suggest you either get your mum associated with, or make yourself. Locally acquired pavs are alright, however… they simply don’t taste the equivalent. Go on… give it a shot.

Obstacles on the barbie

On the off chance that for no other explanation than the way that Australians are the main ones who appear to call them ‘tangles’. Simply include some tomato sauce and a cut of bread = paradise.


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Community Activities

  • Invite members of your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to participate
  • Hold a photographic exhibition or competition
  • Show some Australian short films or have a film making competition
  • Create your own Australia Day postcards
  • Hold a best dressed competition, display or fashion parade (hats, historic costumes, Australian designers)
  • Have a gardening competition or floral displays
  • Award a prize for the best decorated cake or greatest Aussie food platters
  • Invite local talent to perform at an event (musicians, dancers, poets, story tellers)
  • Hold an Australia Day themed concert
  • Stage a debate along an “Australia Day” theme
Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

  • Include fun Australia-themed competitions in your event such as boomerang throwing, gumboot throwing, egg and spoon races, yarn-spinning, thong throws.
  • There is a lot of Australia Day themed food to be included in a breakfast, morning or afternoon tea e.g. Big Aussie BBQ, damper, picnic, bush tucker tastings,  lamingtons, pavlova, meat pies, sausage sizzle
  • Heritage or local history tours, walks, talks or displays
  • Sporting tournaments or Aussie sporting events, like backyard cricket rules or touch footy
  • Hold a bush dance
  • Displays by emergency services and other community based organisations
  • Family Tree research opprtunities and events
  • Showcase your multicultural community – activities, music performances, food, workshops, voices.
  • Create a time capsule
  • Hold a treasure hunt
  • Tree planting
  • Demonstrations and displays– e.g. Woodchopping, working dogs, sheep shearing, whip cracking, ukulele, vintage cars, something unique to your community.
  • Sculptures – e.g. sand, vegetables, iconic landmarks
  • Multi-faith services
Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Children’s Activities

  • Animal farms and displays – e.g. sheep shearing, sheep dog demonstrations
  • Face painting
  • Jumping castles
  • Hold a pool party
  • Kite flying in the park or on the beach
  • Set up amusement rides
  • Damper cooking classes
  • Art and craft activities – e.g. lantern making, colour in Australia themed pictures, kite making
  • Put on some short shows – e.g. puppet show, music, dance
  • Hold a talent quest
  • Have a colouring in competition
Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Youth Activities

  • Battle of the Bands or Australian Idol type event
  • Aussie sports tournament
  • Essay competition, writing
  • Paint a Mural wall, either temporary or permanent
  • Hold a pool party
  • Street theatre, music or dance performances
  • Skateboarding or BMX displays
  • Photography and film classes
Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Activities for Seniors

  • Hold an arts and crafts exhibition
  • Australiana quiz
  • Australia Day themed morning or afternoon teas, lunches or dinners
  • Gardening or floral displays
  • Photography or painting classes
  • Australian music concerts, recitals, morning melodies
Australia Day Ideas

Australia Day Ideas

Workplace Activities

  • Join in Australia Day in the Office
  • Hold a morning tea, afternoon tea or BBQ
  • Decorate the workplace with Australian flags and Australia Day merchandise


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