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Australia Day Movie is considered to be one of the best australia day movie world  which people like to watch especially on this day. Most of the audience living in Australia use to watch this Australia day movie online to make their celebration better. this Australia Day Movie review and critics are mixed from audience. People used to spend their most of the time with their family and friends and this Australia Day movie can be a source of entertainment for them.

You might wonder what Australia day movie about is? This full movie was directed by Kriv Stenders. Movie begins with two youngsters running on Brisbane. He directed the movie in very different style which is being liked by the people of Australia. You can watch Australia day movie watch online here and you can also download Australia day movie. Mentioned here Australia Day movie cast and Australia day movie actors

  • Bryan Brown as Terry Friedman
  • Shari Sebbens as Sonya Mackenzie
  • Sean Keenan as Dean Patterson
  • Isabelle Cornish as Chloe Patterson
  • Daniel Webber as Jason Patterson
  • Elias Anton as Sami Ghaznavi
  • Kee Chan as Zhou Chong
  • Sam Cotton as Constable Buchanan
  • Caroline Dunphy as Patricia Kendall
  • Simon Elrahi as Karim
  • Yasmin Honeychurch as Kaytee Tucker

Bryan brown is one of the main character of the movie. In this movie australia day movie bryan brown is the leading role.

Australia Day Movie Review 2019

Australia Day is a grueling travel through the streets of Brisbane and underground national prejudices, but it will have a great deal of heart and also features several excellent performances.


Australia Day Movie Watch Online Downlaod

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Australia day movie filming locations are best which director has chosen.Director Kriv Stenders managed this occasionally scorching outfit drama amid a flurry of different endeavors (that the Red Dog sequel, his Go-Betweens doco, the Wake In Fright miniseries), and it paints an unflattering but horribly real opinion of modern Australia, indicating that possibly he is doing penance for all those oh-so-nice Red Dogs.


australia day movie


A stinking hot Australia Day (“our many contentious national vacation”) dawns in Australia day movie Brisbane and three personalities have been introduced to get their lives: the Oriental Lan Chang (Jenny Wu); youthful Sami Ghaznavi (Elias Anton); and native adolescent April Tucker (Miah Madden).


A gloomy and screenplay by Stephen M. Irwin subsequently reveals the way their plights link (occasionally without them ) at a cinematic style which may remember the Oscar-winning Crash as well as Robert Altman at a dark disposition. Australia day movie cinemas are the placewhere people like to visit for enjoyment.


Australia Day Movie Review


Lan escapes her pursuer by leaping to a vehicle with a stranger called Terry Friedman (Bryan Brown, right off the Red Dog sequel rather than better), a guy with troubles of his own that finds that she is mixed up having some very poor people and”paying off traveling debts”.

His choice to do the ideal thing and assist her is represented by Sonya Mackenzie (Shari Sebbens, previously among The Sapphires), who is chasing April and could be the only one who correctly understands what occurred in the website of a homicide.


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Sami’s scenario is much more dire, because he is grabbed by a lot of young, sweaty blokes headed by frightening Dean Patterson (Sean Keenan), that believes Sami raped his sister Chloe (Isabelle Cornish, Abbie’s sister).

Tied to a chair and beaten by those severely white lads, the script includes vicious racist taunts certain to make the viewer cringe, and a feeling of dread permeates this entire plot thread, together with Keenan nearly too fantastic as the terrifying yet pitiful Dean.

Not just a simple watch and certainly Kirk’s most upsetting attempt, this sidesteps any anxieties of soapboxing because of its own performances, by the old-timers (Brown, Chris Haywood as a physician in 1 scene and Ernie Dingo temporarily as Sonya’s Dad) to the younger, unknown cast members, particularly Keenan, Wu (whose personality speaks virtually no English) and Anton, so specialist in showing quiet terror. Can it add to the growing debate regarding the requirement to switch the date of Australia Day? Maybe, if crowds dare to really get out there and watch it.


australia day movie


Rated MA. Australia Day is in cinemas now


Australia Day review – Kriv Stenders bites off more than he can chew in unfocused new film


The Red Dog director Kriv Stenders’ new movie is the type of job it is possible to envision a public broadcaster thankfully investing into: a button-pushing multicultural play set on Australia Day, following three groups of individuals from varying backgrounds. Revolving around the tales of troubled adolescents, Stenders replacements booze, barbecues and the Hottest 100 for drug dependence, racially motivated violence and the trafficking of sex workers.


australia day movie


This grim subject matter may indicate a high-flown generation in the design of an arthouse indie, but Australia Day is a much pacier affair, even with a hectic, pounding visual fashion suggestive of a manager fearful of losing the viewer’s attention — as though they may alter the station at any given moment. A little like tv, in different words, that is where the movie is going. Following Sydney Australia day film festival screenings and a subsequent theatrical series, it is going to broadcast this season on Australia day movie Foxtel.


Australia day movie release date is June 12 2017 along with Australia day movie english subtitlesAustralia day movie rating on IIMDB is 5.5/10. Here you can watch Australia day movie trailer. Australia day film review, Australia day movie preview, Australia day movie premiere



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Off the back of the assumption I correctly anticipated brief, chopped-up minutes of increased drama, spread here and there at an interwoven story, the bits making more sense since they slowly come together. However, I was not expecting so much jogging. Boy oh boy is there conducting.

Following the noise of sirens along with an establishing shot of fundamental Brisbane, in which the movie is put, Sanders kicks off by showing the one below-the-hip shots of a set of thighs hotfooting it. Then another set, and another then. Three individual people and three groups of scenarios to escape.

Lan (Jenny Wu) is a Chinese sexual slave running away from an illegal brothel. April (May Madden) is imposing an automobile crash. Sami (Elias Anton) has been chased by a group of young angry white guys for a crime he did not commit. Each character experiences others that assist or hinder them. They comprise a destroyed cattle farmer (Bryan Brown) who’s unsure exactly what to do with Lan; a guilt-riddled undercover police officer (Shari Sebbens) who promises to return into April’s rescue; along with a terrifying white dude (Sean Keenan) who, together with his pals, binds Sami into a seat and defeats him.


australia day movie


All of the performances are all fine, although the short-burst story structure clips their effect. Occasionally overdone dialogue does not help , including,”Happy Australia Day, it is fuckin’ ours today,” and,”White skin may do as much harm as white”

The framework bobs and swings round, half-circle-type moves the defining visual flourishes in the cinematographer, Geoffrey Hall (who shot Red Dog: Authentic Blue as well as the Wolf Creek TV spin away ).

His restless, handheld, gliding camerawork matches Australia Day’s wider mindset, in the meaning it indicates a movie constantly looking for something. A raison d’être, or a meaty subject to sink its teeth .

Is the movie about racially motivated gang violence, such as The Combination? Can it be a study of disenfranchised youth, such as The Finished Individuals or Wasted on the Young? Is it all about the hazards of drug dependence, such as Pure Shit? An exposé about human trafficking and sex slaves, à la The Jammed and components of Goldstone? An evaluation of Aboriginal people relegated to the outskirts of town life, as at The Fringe Dwellers?

Stephen M Irwin’s nothing-if-not-ambitious screenplay touches on these items, but biting more than it could chew, it’s finally about none of those. A narrative with lots of sparks without a fire. For a second Australia Day even seemed set to detour to the domain name of a sniper film, just to (thankfully) abandon that tangent also.


australia day movie

The movie’s visual style is the best asset; the 1 thing the narrative’s fragmented structure does not shortchange. However there are Australia day movie times when it feels over-sauced and broadly disciplined. Why, by way of instance, would the manager cut to a bird’s attention shot of a character running? What purpose does that serve?

Aerial images were set up in David Wenham’s directorial debut, Ellipsis. There the stage is obvious: They remind us that the characters whose lives we’re observing contain just a small section of several, possibly millions of stories in town. However, in Australia Day there about multiple viewpoints is already made using its Robert Altman-esque crosscutting narrative. These shots believe more on the subject of supply of momentary stimulation than a consequence of an underlying, unifying strategy.


Australia Day Film Festival

Stenders, Hall and Sean Keenan will likely venture into trepidation waters, using their modern TV edition of Wake in Fright from the functions. It’s being charged as a re-adaptation as opposed to a remake. Fair enough; you would be mad to tie a brand new Australia day TV movie series too tightly to one of the most significant Australian films ever produced, an illustration of total storytelling and aesthetic consequences.

Here is hoping the following screen experience of the stranded-in-nowhere instructor John Grant has more in common with all the subject, rigour and management of Stenders’ finest picture: the excellent single-setting 2007 play Boxing Day. Which, come to think of it, is just another gloomy portrait of an Australian public vacation. What will the manager do if he puts his hands on the Queen’s birthday? The writing on the wall indicates it will not be a puff piece about the royal household.

 Australia Day is now showing at Sydney film festival


australia day movie


‘Red Dog’ filmmaker Kriv Stenders juggles a surfeit of hot-button issues in this ensemble drama.

“Brown skin may do as much harm as white,” says one of many angry young men in Australia Day, a crudely sketched drama about race relations making its debut in the Sydney Film Festival. The line is delivered in the center of a beating, and the sufferer is not the only one being bludgeoned.


Ticking off everything out of the dark side of bro-culture to sex trafficking to farmer suicide along with the tensions between Indigenous Australians and law enforcement, this tin-eared attribute from director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog) and author Stephen M. Irwin (Secrets & Lies) feels somehow equally overstuffed and depthless. Manufactured by Australian cable supplier Foxtel, Australia Day is every inch the TV-movie, together with characters that collide, battle and learn to become better individuals with subliminal precision.



Set on the titular afternoon — observing the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival and currently a point of contention in Oz society, where it is often labeled Invasion Day — this thankfully fleet polemic is comparable to Crash in its unspooling of different stories that join to light a city’s roiling stew of prejudices.

Tender opens with an ominous view of this Australian city of Brisbane from above, humid and but about to erupt, then cuts to none but three foot-chases. The briefest ends with first-generation Persian-Australian Sami (Elias Anton) run down by 2 white surfer types, that are convinced — for reasons mysterious — that Sami has drugged and possibly even attacked the younger sister of the partner Dean (Sean Keenan). They take him back to their home, where he is beaten in the garage as Dean’s increasingly conflicted younger brother Jason (11.22.63’s Daniel Webber) looks on.


Australia day movie bryan brown

australia day movie


The dynamic between Jason and his older brother was seen in countless Aussie movies, from Romper Stomper to Snowtown, but it is gestured at rather than dramatized here. Recourse to torture is blithely accepted by Dean and his friends, and not one of them emerge as far more than mouthpieces — symbols of the dark side of Australian suburbia but unconvincing from the specifics, with no inner lives of their own.

The portrait of toxic masculinity on show here is barely subtler than in the past year’s pitch-black humor Down Under, just those characters were not intended to be naturalistic.

In Australia Day, young white guys wear flags as capes and inform an Aboriginal woman the nation is”ours now”. The adolescent they are taunting, April (May Madden), is on the run from the police after killing her abusive father with a hammer.

A high-speed chase gets her sister dead, along with the cop who had been behind the wheel, Mackenzie (Shari Sebbens), is hoping to locate April before she’s dropped to the juvenile system once and for all. Native himself and driven by guilt over not having taken the sisters from their dad when she had the opportunity, Mackenzie is always 1 step ahead of the official manhunt — to the annoyance of the officer on the case, Detective Collyer (Matthew Le Nevez).


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Collyer is the son of Terry, played by Aussie stalwart Bryan Brown (Cocktail). Unbeknownst to his son, Terry has lost the family farm to the bank and is in town to create a damn point in a press conference attended by the Minister for Agriculture.

His strategy is complex when a Chinese woman, Lan (Jenny Wu), jumps in front of his car, screaming to be rescued from a bald-headed guy (Kee Chan) in pursuit. Terry’s decision to carry out his strategy leads him to deposit the woman in the local police station despite her protestations, but the Vietnam vet becomes her guardian when the”uncle” who turns up to claim her turns violent.

Australia Day’s characters feel like pieces on a chessboard, shoehorned into position with absolute predictability. When Sami escapes from the bros in the garage and returns home, his mother takes one look at his lumps and tells his older brother, drug-dealer Yaghoub (Phoenix Ray), for payback — to”be a man”.

Cue Sami’s return to the house of horrors to convince his brother, with clear-sighted beneficence, to halt the cycle of violence. His mother’s entreaty to whoop ass feels stronger as a screenwriting conceit to engineer who redemptive orgasm than it does an explicable human reaction, maternal or otherwise — ditto Terry’s highly changeable sense of empathy.




Australia Day Movie Cast

Well-intentioned but overly neat by half, Australia Day presents not characters but cogs with no pulse.

Production company: Hoodlum

Cast: Bryan Brown, Shari Sebbens, Sean Keenan, Elias Anton, Daniel Webber, Jenny Wu, Matthew Le Nevez, Phoenix Raei, Miah Madden

Director: Kriv Stenders

Screenwriter: Stephen M. Irwin 

Producers: Nathan Mayfield, Leigh McGrath, Tracey Robertson, Edward Herbert

Executive producers: Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson, Leigh McGrath, Deanne Weir, Penny Win

Director of photography: Geoffrey Hall

Costume designer: Vanessa Loh

Production designer: Matt Putland

Editor: Nick Meyers

Composer: Matteo Zingales

Casting: Tom McSweeney, David Newman


Australia Day Movie Film Plot Summary

Australia day movie summary: 26TH January on the celebration of controversial Australia national holiday. Australians from 3 different cultural backgrounds cross the path creating national identity and racial tension issues. This movie has a  twist of desperate father struggle who tried hard for the reunite of his family. There are many Australia day movie locations where this movie will be shown on 26th january. You will love to watch it.


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