Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel

Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel

Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel


The 2019 titles will begin on May 12 in Warsaw. The Polish Grand Prix on Motoaren is booked for October 6. As of recently, there was just informal data. On Friday, be that as it may, BSI distributed the official timetable of the speedway World Cup. The rundown incorporates eleven competitions, incorporating three in Poland. The awards will be given over again in Melbourne, yet the competition in Australia is the special case that does not have a date yet.

Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel

Great PrixPolishin Toruń will by and by crown the European piece of the cycle. The competition on Motoaren is booked for October 6. It will be played in our city for the eighth time in succession. What’s more, we will likewise be supporting Poland in Warsaw (May 12) and Gorzów (June 25). The challenge at the PGE National will be the initiation of the 2019 World Cup.


One vital change on the rundown: slag vanishes from the capital Sweden . The competition from Stockholm was moved to Hallstavik, this city will make its introduction among the coordinators. Thusly, Danish Horsens has quite recently marked another onecontract for three back to back years.

Maciej Janowski has had an exceptionally fruitful Grand Prix season behind him. Shaft basically just in the last competition botched the opportunity for an award. At long last, he completed fourth in the last order. Janowski demonstrated that it merited giving him a changeless trump card before the season.

This year, speedway riders contended in twelve competitions. Janowski figured out how to win advancement to the semi-finals multiple times. Shaft went in five finals. He figured out how to win in two rounds. Well known “Enchantment” ended up being the best in Horsens, where he triumphed for the second year in succession and in Cardiff.

The most disastrous for Janowski was the challenge in Toruń. He gathered just five in the Polish Grand Prix. He didn’t perform much better in the Grand Prix of Slovenia and the Polish Grand Prix in Gorzów. He finished the begins in both of these occasions with the accomplishments of six “eyelets”.

Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel

Janowski demonstrated that giving him a “special case” before this season was a decent move. After the challenge in Malilli he was even the pioneer of the halfway arrangement! Sadly, more fragile exhibitions in consequent rounds would deny him of a decoration opportunity.

Australian, Jason Doyle won for the current year the title of the best rider on the planet. The second place in the last characterization was won by Patryk Dudek, the debutant of the whole Grand Prix arrangement. The bronze of the IMŚ, at the very end of the cycle, was stuck around Taia Woffinden’s neck. Investigating the general order of the current year’s cycle, it ought to be noticed that in the main five there were three Poles grouped, of which the most established Maciej Janowski is as of now 26 years of age. This is a decent prospect for the eventual fate of the Polish speedway.

Piotr Pawlicki won the Grand Prix of Latvia at the Daugavpils track. Patryk Dudek and Maciej Janowski were likewise on the platform. The second chief of the general arrangement was the second-since forever speedway rider Falubaz Zielona Góra.

Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel

The saints – Polish speedway riders:

The second time in the historical backdrop of the speedway Grand Prix of three Poles was on the platform of the challenge. Piotr Pawlicki, Patryk Dudek and Maciej Janowski gave us a great deal of feelings. The track in Latvian Daugavpils has dependably been useful for our players. In earlier years, Janowski and Krzysztof Kasprzak triumphed here.

Dissatisfaction – Fredrik Lindgren and Greg Hancock:

The champ of the past round of the Grand Prix in Warsaw this time couldn’t vie for the most elevated positions. After five warms he just gathered three. Just his comrade Antonio Lindback introduced himself more terrible. Greg Hancock, who shields the title of the best on the planet, was likewise beneath desires. The American is losing increasingly more in the general order.

Australlian Grand Prix 2019 Zuzel

Key minutes:

Run 2:Janowski won first in the challenge and after the begin from the band. He made a gigantic preferred standpoint over Hancock, Doyle and Peter Kildemand.

Run 8 : Three Poles partook in it, who later remained on the platform. The back of the red and white more likely than not been seen by Fredrik Lindgren. Three went to Maciej Janowski.

Run 9: The key minute for Dudek. Subsequent to vanquishing Hancock, Zagara and Holder, he won every one of the races in which he participated.

Run 12: It was rehashed multiple times. Once by a hazardous mishap Maciej Janowski, who additionally prompted the crumple of Mateja Zagara and Bartosz Zmarzlik. Luckily, none of the players endured.

Run 21:The first semi-last finished with a twofold accomplishment for Poles. Pawlicki and Janowski did not allow to Woffinden and the agent of Latvia – Maksim Bogdanovs.

Run 22: Patty Dudek likewise entered the last, who figured out how to win the race from the second field. Indeed, even the shocking Emil Sajfutdinov did not crush the Pole that day.

Last: Historic minute. Doyle battled for quite a while with Dudek and Janowski for the second place, yet toward the finish of the race he was abandoned because of the imperfection. On account of this, three Poles for the second time in history remained on the platform of the Grand Prix rivalry.

The circumstance in the general arrangement.After an incredible execution, Patryk Dudek turned into the new pioneer in the general grouping of the titles with 38. He just has leverage over Jason Doyle and Fredrik Lindgren. The fourth place is involved by Maciej Janowski, and the 6th by Piotr Pawlicki.


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